January 24, 2008

Corporate Power Kills the People's Democratic Campaign

We are simply too weak to mount a viable progressive campaign against the corporate-led DNC machine and their control of mass media. Not to mention the corporate-controlled courts and FCC.

What will it take? This can't be discussed on a corporate-controlled Google blog.

I am predicting another Repub victory in 2008 as the DNC will figure out how to blow it again, running candidates who stand for nothing and inspire few. Don't forget, also, that there are 20 states who have non-verifiable voting processes.

When Rove gets his anti-female, anti-black, anti-muslim playbook out, the DNC will be crushed.


Best of luck to Ron Paul.


Volksgeist said...

Right now, It doesn't matter if you vote Dem or Rep. All of the candidates are CFR tools. The deck is stacked and there is no real choice besides Ron Paul. Hillary, Obama, Edwards, Romney, Huckabee, Thompson and Ghoul-iani. All CFR yes men. They are all for globalization.

winkswink said...

From what I can gather, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is trying to oust Kucinich from his House seat. He is part of the leadership of the Progressive Caucus (along with Barbara Lee) and is one of the biggest thorns in Pelosi's efforts to capitulate to the Right. If he gets ousted, then we lose a KEY player within the House. Not good.

In this context, I'm glad he dropped out of the Prez race, since the forces that be had pretty much squelched any hope of a "dialogue-influencing" campaign.

Check out this B.S. leveled against him by this idiot for Florida:


winkswink said...

Here, Kucinich breaks down the fight we're facing, in the context of the 10th Congressional District: