January 10, 2008

Anti-Smokers Raus!

While I already have much pride in my German heritage, today I read an article that really hit home and made my pride swell to new highs. At a German computer company in Berlin, three non-smoker employees had requested a "smoke free environment". Well instead of complying and pissing off the majority of workers, their boss fired the trio!

"I can't be bothered with trouble-makers,"
He was quoted saying. "We're on the phone all the time and it's just easier to work while smoking. Everyone picks on smokers these days. It's time for revenge. I'm only going to hire smokers from now on."

This is truly a great man, and he has struck a vital blow to the commie,liberal ,anti-christ,dog kicking,baby killer,anti-smoking crusaders; a blow they won't soon forget! Now I must go light up a cigarette in honor of victory.
Reuters article here.

Funny you tube video: Peter Russell Clarke (AD Bloopers) 80's.

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bull smoke said...

everyone just picks smokers now a days especially restaurants and public places were more people can start to get disgusted by the odor and smell of the smoke.