January 8, 2008

What I Did Today For Our Cause(Ron Paul)

While reading the forums over at www.dailypaul.com I came upon a comment by a brave woman. She is a 53 year old, semi-disabled grandmother, who did more in one day than most of us have done our whole lives, for the cause of freedom. I post her comment in full below with full confidence that she would encourage me sharing this with anyone who will listen.

"This morning one of you posted a link to todays WorldNetDaily, headlines reads, "Swat team takes 11 yr old at gun point". The incident took place 90 miles down the rode from me. Well folks, that incident put me over the top.

First I went and talk to the Sheriff and told him all about it. I told him many things today. I told him we knew about the Urban Warrior Project and I asked him what he thought about those Blackwater ads in our local classifieds....they're hiring here you guys. The Sheriff didn't know that the Supreme Court took the 2nd Amendment case and will be ruling in June. I told him I felt like I was being terrorized by my own government. I also told him the first Swat member through the door would have taken a bullet from me and then the other four would have shot me....someone is going to get killed....he gave me a concealed weapons license and he knows what I carry. He assured me NO ONE was taking anybody's guns in this county and if it came to that it will be "Live Free Or Die" around here.

Second stop, The Editor....I went straight in and asked to sit with his butt too and brought him up to speed. I also have him chasing the above mentioned story....I'll keep you posted if I read anything. He was clueless about everything! Immigration, Trade Deals, Executive Branch, you name it, he was clueless.....

Third stop, Clerk & Recorders Office, spent about an hour bringing her up to speed... She assured me our country will be using paper ballots.

Fourth Stop, Ex-Sheriff, brought him up to speed.

Fifth, on a phone - a dozen phone calls to my constitutional friends. I also called all the gun shops in the area (I know them too) and brought all of them up to speed as well.

I stopped at the grainery and then went and handed out slim jims in front of the supermarket with grandson in tow in his wagon. It was 20 degrees here today.

When I say I brought everybody up to speed what I mean is I brought everyone up to Ron Paul today....I got their votes. Oh, I also got a local doctor to put his sign in his window.

What I learned is that it took a major case of road rage running through my blood that got me to take my local "establishment" on. I was amazed how easily I hooked these guys. They didn't know much about many issues. I encouraged everyone today to turn the televisions off and get on the net.

Oh, I went to the Elections offices today too. She said, "Oh, I'd vote for him but they say he can't win". Well, you can imagine where I went when I heard that statement.....brought it all back to the controlled media.

They are believing everything they hear and it's going to take each and everyone of us to set the story straight in our communities.

And yes, I even did the sign thing, big ones, put 4 our.

I'm 53 and semi-disabled....amazing what an old woman can do when she's pissed.

I also made arrangements to run full page colored ads in both local papers, one here and one in Steamboat Springs. I want to run the picture of Dr. Paul wearing his doctor outfit carrying the baby wrapped in a flag. This is how I want to introduce him to my town. They want $1,700 bucks for the ads for one day......that's why I want to keep in touch with the bankrupcy lawyer on this site....

Get mad but don't get even......get ahead. Our local law enforcements, everywhere in this nation are being infultrated by mercenaries who I'm sure will not obey order when given by the sheriff but rather will listen to the President.

Locked and loaded and I sure hope some of you that are younger than me get our tomorrow and terrorize all of you local elected officials.

I meet with the Commissioners in the morning......I'm just warming up guys and I want you all to know how much I appreciate all of you."

Here is a link to the original post, which was incidentally by the author of the above. Which is also worth a read.

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The comment is here

Words of Wisdom:
“When the government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.” –Thomas Jefferson

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