January 15, 2008


What do you think about this guy? I think he's pretty scary.

Very "Rovian" in the way he does not hesitate to lie, and also in his ruthlessness. Enough so to make Hillary look good? That remains to be seen.

We are screwed.


Rufus Slim said...

Do you prefer the Big Mac or whopper.
Do you prefer the cyanide or the razor.
It's all the same... None of it's gopod for you anyhow.

winkswink said...

I guess the question is, "Are all evils equal, or is it still possible for one to be 'less' evil than a 'greater' evil?" I think Romney could beat Hillary in the General Election, and I don't know if that is such a good thing. Not that war-mongering Hillary is our savior, either, of course.


Bain and Company, Inc.

Romney is to Bain like Cheney is to Haliburton?

Volksgeist said...

In this case, either way we are fucked.