January 10, 2008

This just in... Arnold terminates the deficit.

Um, maybe we really are seeing the early result of collaping markets.
22,000 inmates free. $4 Billion less for schools. 48 State Parks Close. Proceeds go to GE and Halliburton.


Volksgeist said...

Yes this very thing has been speculated for a while now. I can't believe he actually did it. Pretty soon the only thing that will get a jail sentence is speak the truth. I would love to see those 20,000's records a few months from now. I wonder how many murders will occur from the release of scum onto the streets. What a joke. How about deport the illegals that are draining the state dry? hrm how about call in the national guard and secure our boarder? I really hope those 22,000 have no history of violent crime, but somehow I doubt it. We lose again.

Volksgeist said...

Also, you really have to learn, I KNOW WTF IM TALKING ABOUT! Countrywide bank is going under, housing market dead, gold is at all time high, but not because gold prices went up, no because the dollar is dropping very fast. There is no money to bail us out. It's too late for a fed bail out, and I think their creditors are weary. We are heading for very very serious trouble. Read that post I made called Crash! We are fucked my friend. Not just recession, but DEPRESSION.

Volksgeist said...

You know the more I think about this, the more I can feel my blood pressure rising. Not only is the inmate thing incredibly irresponsible(assuming, having no access to criminal records of said inmates), but the cutting of school funding is pretty fucking disgusting. The state of California holds near a billion dollars in assets, which we could have sold off. And the closing of national parks is like the icing on the big shit cake Arnold has baked for us. We are now, in my opinion, in full on detriotification mode. While California is bled dry by social programs for illegals, we start selling out the educations of our own children? Enough is enough, goddamnit.