January 31, 2008

NYPD detective pimped runaway, 13, authorities say

NEW YORK (CNN) -- A New York City police detective faces charges including child endangerment for allegedly forcing a 13-year-old runaway to work as a prostitute at parties, police say. continued...

Watch Wayne Taylor get swarmed here

edit: I wonder why the dishonorable Jesse Jackson or the snake tongued Al Sharpton haven't yet started the protests of "racism" in this disgusting case. Ohh well guess we will have to find out weather the little girl was white, if she is I 'm sure there will be. After all if she was white it was her fault for being white and the cop couldn't help himself, the sufferink of slavery lives on, and we need to be sensitive to it!

edit: I hope I don't or haven't offended anyone. I am just sick of hypocritical double standards. We are grown ups and I think we can stop playing the MSM games of ignoring problems.

A few years ago I was watching a documentary about a man who's brother was hung at some playground after the OJ Simpson verdict. This decent and soft spoken gentleman went to washington to see Al Sharpton to ask if he could help get his brothers death investigated. When he got to washington and met Al Sharpton, he showed Al the police picture of his brother hanging and Al barely stopped to glance at it. Here was a black man who's brother was found hanging at a park, you would think that this would be THE type of thing that would call for Al or Jesse, but no neither Al nor Jesse gave him the time of day. From that day on I knew what kind of snakes these two were and whenever I hear about either of the two the picture of that kid hanging sticks in my mind.

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