January 11, 2008

Frank Luntz: Exposed

"None are so hopelessly enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free." - Goethe

During the Fox News debate in South Carolina, a man named Frank Luntz ran a focus group. This focus group was meant to look diverse and randomly picked, but that is not the case. During the focus group he says something very strange indeed, he says "I'm gonna make your bosses nervous, was it right to include Ron Paul in this debate, yes or no?". What, he is going to make their bosses nervous? Well unless they worked for Fox News, who had been butting heads with Dr.Paul and his supporters all week, why would their bosses be nervous? As if the deliberate omission of candidates from their debates wasn't bad enough. But to put on a scripted, phony focus group, and pass it off as genuine is about as far from a fair environment to debate in as you can get.

This focus group was asked about Fred Thompson, and you knew that he was the one Frank Luntz was pushing. Loaded question after loaded question. He finally asks who lost the debate and in sort of robotic, mindless manner they unanimously declare Ron Paul as the loser. The final shame of this farce is when the results of Fox's own cell phone poll came in with overwhelming support of Dr. Paul. Immediately Sean Hannity dismisses the validity of the poll and continues to exalt their chosen man of the hour Fred Thompson.

While I have had no illusions of the depravity of Fox News, and to a lesser extent CNN and MSNBC, but the way they are making the decisions for the public has gone way too far.

Here is the clip of Frank Luntz; the comment happens at 9:10

Join the world in echoing what Penn & Teller so eloquently said to this man, Fuck You Frank! http://www.bleepyoufrank.com/

Also here is a video showing the same people at multiple focus groups fo Frank Luntz.

Also of interest is Outfoxed.


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