January 4, 2008

Suck My Caucus

First off, I feel the need to pack up my things and go. I do not think I can ever write again. I can never watch any videos again. Volksgeist trumped anything that can ever be done on or with this blog. I thought we could progress the ideas and thoughts, but alas, no further dialogue is necessary. Golimar is and was and will be the only reason for existence.

Golimar! Seriously, Golimar. I want to say more or analyze it, but can't... Golimar. It flows off the tip of the tongue like a delicate, decadent, delicious desert. Oh the joys of alliteration! Seriously though, I am upset that Volks decided to switch the video to the translation one. Golimar needs no translation sir!!!

I am glad to get that off my chest.

Now, I was forwarded a video which I have not seen yet, and an article I haven't read yet. They are of interest though and I am looking forward to reading these, and viewing all of the Ron Paul videos posted that I have not made time for yet. I also have bookmarked many interesting links that I would like to explore further with you all at a time more convenient.

The results of Iowa are in! My boy Kucinich received a staggering 0%. That is infinitely worse than his last outing in Iowa I believe. Oh well, I had no false illusions that the democratic party would return to a progressive past. Ron Paul surprised folks with 10%! Talk is, he'll do even better in NH.

Most Importantly: Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich will be on Bill Moyers tonight on KCET at 8pm. Bill Moyers' show is probably the most thought provoking show on tv this millenia; I highly urge you all to start DVRing it. Maybe we can set up a weekly viewing party. I also have many backissues of the show on my DVR if you want to view. Let me know what you think. I think it could be a good second step to a more serious dialogue of current events of interest.

Man, I can't wait for this Obama Vs Huckabee 2008 election. Wow, 2 guys I can get really excited about *EXTREME BITTER SARCASM*.

Anyway, I was overdue for a post and wanted to bring the New Year in right. Here's to a jolly 2008!

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