January 15, 2008

What Is the Number One Issue?

The latest polls say it's probably the "economy." That would include things like job security and health care. As someone who has began to look at a post-layoff budget, the health care line item is pretty damn disturbing. For two people, it's almost as much as a small mortgage, for crying out loud. I hate how the media separates the issue of the "economy" from the BILLIONS that are being wasted on wars of occupation.

The number one cause for bankruptcy in America is health care costs. A family member gets laid up in a hospital bed, and you're bank account will be drained, and your debt will be astronomical. This can possibly even if you HAVE health coverage. For an industrially advanced country such as ours, this is repulsive.

Kucinich's plan would not only address the 147 Million uninsured and 150+ Million underinsured needs, but save more than $350 BILLION a year. (see link)

The question is, how can the extremely weak, disorganized and distracted, ADD-ridden American public be activated in a direction to make such a plan a reality?

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Volksgeist said...

This is a subject I have a lot of experience with. The only problem with socialized medicine is the quality of care exponentially drops the more the government is involved. We need to change the fundamental way the medical industry does business, and regulate the price fixing that goes on. As long as there is incentive to charge the highest possible amount for medical services, there will be major abuses and tons of red tape. The large medical corporations and hospitals are profiteers. For instance a prescription here that would cost 100 dollars a refill would cost around 5 dollars in Europe. There needs to be some major reform, but I don't think Kucinich's plan will help the situation in the long term. There needs to be a complete overhaul from the ground up. There is no reason the government should have it's hand in anything, other than making sure private companies adhere to regulations. I agree the state of this is repulsive, but it is out of control Capitalism that is at fault. The medical insurance industry have huge lobby groups, which care little for the people, and really only concern themselves with maximizing profits. The bottom line is, the problem is "the bottom line".