October 31, 2008

Police and Media Coverup in Anne Pressly Murder?

Twenty-six year old KATV anchorwoman Anne Pressly was brutally raped, sexually mutilated, and fatally stabbed and beaten by two black males in her home throughout the night of October 19th, according to reliable sources for WR.
Anne Pressly; raped, stabbed, and left for dead?

Pressly later died in the hospital days after the attack, reportedly without regaining consciousness after being found dying in her bed by her mother the next morning. No suspects have been arrested. The controlled media, including her co-workers at Little Rock’s Channel 7 ABC affiliate, have joined police in calling the attack “random”, but new reports now conflict with their official story of what happened to the beautiful blonde, a local celebrity.

White Revolution has just been informed, from a source indirectly connected to the medical examiner who completed the autopsy, that Anne Pressly was sexually assaulted by two black males, based on DNA found at the scene and on her body. Furthermore, rather than having been simply beaten as the controlled media reports, WR has been told that she was cut on her face and private areas with a knife in a gruesome mutilation.

The autopsy report is most likely not going to be made available to the public, even through the Freedom Of Information Act, until the investigation is officially closed. Or, like Martin Luther King, Jr.’s F.B.I. file, never, if they so choose.

Pressly was last seen prior to the attack at a party the night before, around 10:30 p.m.. Whom might she have met at this party? Did they follow her home?

Anyone having further information about the true nature of the attack, or the identity of her attackers, is urged to come forward at this time.

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