October 27, 2008

Why We Endorse Chuck Baldwin

by John Young

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Welcome to Western Voices, I'm John Young of European Americans United. Back on October 12th, European Americans United held its first national conference. Because of the unique nature of our approach, the highlight of our conference was a brainstorming session; during which conference participants broke up into small groups to put forward ideas for moving our objectives forward. Then, the Board of Directors selected the most workable ideas from those, and presented that list to the assembled membership for a vote, and also to ascertain which members present would take ownership of those ideas to make them a reality.

Not all of our members could make the conference – due to family commitments, work commitments or for other reasons. What follows is a speech that I delivered at that conference, changed just a little bit to make it suitable as a podcast. I'm delivering this so that all of our membership knows why we support Chuck Baldwin, and the Chuck Baldwin and Derrell Castle ticket, for President of the United States.

Everybody here already knows the kind of slop that the Republican and Democratic parties have dished up for our consideration. It's the same slop they dish up for every election, just with different name tags. The only difference is that every time the slop becomes more rancid, putrescent and more difficult to swallow without gagging.

The two representatives of major political parties are, indeed, a sickening sight. They differ only in degree, not in substance, on everything. They are just two different faces representing the same oligarchy. They don't even debate major issues like illegal immigration because the folks pulling their strings have decided that such issues are off the table; and all McCain and Obama are allowed to discuss is the proper orientation of deck chairs on the Titanic while pointedly ignoring the lookout screaming that we need to turn full starboard to avoid a looming iceberg ahead.

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