October 31, 2008

Anne Pressly Rape and Mutilation Cover-Up Being Confirmed

British media has confirmed the stabbings and American media is now reporting on the rape.

Web Extra! Walsh Says Murdered Anchor Was Raped

"America's Most Wanted" host John Walsh sat down with Lisa Breckenridge after "Good Day LA" to talk more about his upcoming show. He revealed that according to his sources, 26-year-old news anchor, Anne Pressly, was beaten and raped in her home. So far authorities have refused to say whether she was sexually assaulted. ”America's Most Wanted” will highlight the case this Saturday’s episode.
How many more White women need be the victim of savage Black violence before we stand up for them? Our mothers, sisters, girlfriends and wives, this is who is at risk. This poor woman suffered the tortures of the damned and the media in it's quest for racial egalitarianism has not reported the truth. As in so many other cases, the facts of this case are conveniently left out to keep the public in blissful ignorance. Stop the media cover-up of Black on White crimes, and help America learn what is really going on.

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Anonymous said...

Anne Pressly definitely was raped. My friend, a LRPD cop, was on the scene after the crime. Anne was savagely raped-- the cop told me semen was running all over the place. Anne was flailing around uncontrollably. Maybe the media is withholding the rape references out of some fucked up respect for the family? I don't know. But she was definitely raped. Likely by more than one man, judging from the amount of semen on the scene.