October 26, 2008

Haider Widow Halts Cremation Amid Suspicions

A trusted member of EAU will be keeping tabs on this matter. Petzner, of course, is the person who now hints that he was Haider's "gay lover," and was also the individual who immediately "confirmed" the alcohol findings of the government within hours of the accident. -- Ed.

Jörg Haider's corpse was sent for a second post-mortem in Italy today after the Austrian far-right leader's widow voiced fears that that his death in a high speed car crash in early October might not have been an accident. Senior members of his Alliance for the Future of Austria party said that Claudia Haider had serious doubts that her husband was killed as a result of drunk driving and suspected he may have been drugged. Mr Haider died after his VW Phaeton limousine left the road and somersaulted several times in the early hours of 11 October. He was driving at twice the speed limit, and an initial post mortem showed that he had four times the legal limit of alcohol in his bloodstream.
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