October 31, 2008

Charlie Daniels: Devilish Agenda

Devilish Agenda

What I state in this column is my opinion and mine alone. I don't have any concrete underpinning, written evidence, statistics or other data to back up what I'm saying, just a foreboding sense of future events under certain circumstances.

And for the benefit of you cherry pickers who try to parse my words at every opportunity the key word is ultra.

Did you ever stop and think what the endgame of an ultra liberal agenda would be?

We already know that the philosophy leans heavily in the direction of socialism and monolithic government that would maintain control over every aspect of our lives.

We already know there is a move afoot to silence the talk radio hosts who disagree with the liberals, using a antiquated piece of tripe called the "Fairness Doctrine", which would require radio stations to allow a liberal voice for every conservative one.

This actually amounts to broadcast totalitarianism as the left already controls the three major networks, CNN, MSNBC and PBS. They want it all.

It's easy for any thinking person to see that this would completely ruin talk radio as liberal talk hosts have never been successful on the air and allowing them equal time would cause people to stop listening, which is exactly what the left wants.

As it is, free market forces govern the content of talk radio and it should stay that way.

We know that an ultra liberal agenda has absolutely no compassion for unborn children. How much imagination does it take to look at a policy that would euthanize babies with serious infirmities after birth?

After partial birth abortion, it's the logical next step. What's the difference in murdering a baby in the birth canal or when it comes out of the birth canal?

And what about senior citizens who are past the age and condition of being productive members of society, taking up space in hospitals and nursing homes, causing a drain on the budget.

Joe Biden has already said that we should be patriotic and pay more taxes. How far do you have to stretch that attitude to imagine somebody saying that people who are too infirm to perform any useful task should do their patriotic duty and die and that there would be a bureaucracy formed to decide who should be euthanized and when?

Barrack said we should spread the wealth around. Another bad liberal idea. It's been tried in Russia, Cuba, all the Eastern Bloc countries and they've all been dismal failures. Even the totalitarian government of China saw the light after hundreds of years and resorted to a degree of capitalism.

Spreading the wealth sounds good to people at the bottom of the economic ladder until, too late, they realize that spreading the wealth around takes away the ability of their employers to hire them and in many cases results in their jobs being exported out of the country.

I will make you one more dire prediction. If and when the liberals take over the health care of this nation it will be the biggest mess on Earth since the Tower of Babel.

There is only one thing the government is good at, spending somebody else's money.

Don't look for all the things I have mentioned to happen all at once, Satan, after all, is very good at being a snake and you all know how patient and sneaky a snake is.

Liberalism can't stand the bright light of truth.

And the truth shall set you free.

What do you think?

Pray for our troops

God bless America

Charlie Daniels

October 24, 2008