December 6, 2008

Pretty funny anti prop 8 vid

I thought it was amusing until the last line.

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Indra Maghavan said...

You can love your pet, you can love your mother, you can love your sister, and you can love the 14 year old next door, but you can't marry any of them! And that isn't discrimination, either, those are the rules of the game.

No communicable disease in the last 30 years has killed more people than AIDS. They wanted toleration of their way of life, and got a deadly epidemic in return. Nice trade.

The video is wrong about the Bible, too. No one enforces laws about stoning your wife or selling children into slavery, and no one enforces the death of homosexuals either. They already have toleration of their sexual habits. They already have toleration, so why do they want to take over marriage too?

They hate mainstream society, they hate religion, they hate their own people and history. They are the most aggressive and hateful people you will ever meet.