December 1, 2008

Cranks, Bigots, and Patriots

The claim to equality is made only by those who feel themselves to be in some way inferior. --C.S Lewis

By Frank Roman

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A couple of weeks ago we discussed how non-white pressure groups are able to gain a level of respectability on behalf of their respective ethnic interests in the United States. I pointed out the actions of specific, motivated ethnocentric groups, such as the National Urban League, LaRaza, and others appear justified by definition because -- in the public's media sauted' mind-- the federal government and the corporations who openly fund them have to know what theyre doing; that they would never support anything dangerous or subversive, right? At least that's the image people see, more or less. And we do have laws and courts to ensure everything is legitimate and above board, dont we? We concluded our podcast by saying whatever motivates those who control what we see and hear always comes down to public perception; why people who stand up for European American interests and are addressing our own ethnic issues are demonized; while others --with the same human vices and virtues-- are given an all day pass to Wally World, DC.

The reason I bring this up again is because over the course of this past week I deliberately hunted down the ideas and scribbling of people whom I personally consider to be my enemies, our enemies. You know who I mean: the white so-called anti racists, the white self hating demagogues, the white politically correct eggheads, equality mongers and tolerance mavens. Its truly an amazing thing to see how deluded and self righteously indignant people are when it comes to issues of race and nationhood. How quick they are to point out the same old boilerplate arguments; such as black people founded the NAACP (they didn't -- Ed), UNCF, etc. to counter discrimination directed against them by white people; that the so-called discrimination non-white people face today is not at all like the inequity that existed when these organizations were founded because --not so long ago-- blacks were being lynched; there was lawful segregation; they couldnt vote, and so on and so forth. Not realizing they are acting like supremacists as they condemn white Americans of transgressions immemorial, they are denying our people --hell, their own people -- the right to not only identify intrinsic interests but also to act on behalf of those interests in like manner that non-white organizations do.

They point out with appropriate weepiness how Black Entertainment Television (BET) is justified because of the overpowering need of diversity in "mainstream" media which they like to call white media. Ive seen them mourn how there are no blacks featured in a handful of popular sitcoms, which are syndicated reruns now, and this makes BET a viable force for the black community. As a side note, if the so-called mainstream media is so sickeningly white how do the haters explain the cult of wiggers that has manifested itself in practically every town and hamlet across the country? Whats more, these eggheads have even gone so far as to say the very term, European-American, are not a mixture of ancestors from various regions of the European continent, who dropped their ancestral labels, intermarried and became Americans. No, it's really just another word for the most drastic meaning of 'white' a vile racial idea that stresses racial continuation and time honored birthrights, the same continuations and birthrights enjoyed and promoted in every non-white nation on earth. So to our enemies the term European Americans really means the inalienable right to dominate everyone else. And this comes from the same dripping poisonous mouths who will turn right around and say the white race is a merely a social construct and we should feel guilty for enjoying white privilege because of the damage our evil society has done over the centuries by way of color; never mind the delusion and hypocrisy in this line of thinking that's so utterly glaring. And of course, many of these bigots, white and non-white alike, all embrace the so-called melting pot that moldy oldie canard that refuses to die a quick death.

You see, to them the melting pot means that European derived people are morally bound to subjugate their culture, race and heritage into a non-white American pressure cooker, an American mass that exists only if its black brown or yellow but which is invisible if its Caucasian. To them melting into a pot is the true standard of patriotism, but you can be sure they couch this kind of thinking into things like embracing our Constitution, protecting individuality and being equal. Never mind the fact that what they are describing is genocide as defined by the United Nations. And yet if these same people were to hear the Census Bureau calculate that by 2042, all races of Americans who identify themselves as non-white -- whose growth rate is suddenly slammed into reverse, becoming numerically subservient to non-Hispanic whites -- we could certainly expect to witness a fit of unearthly national bedwetting the likes of which we have never seen. Losing an entire swath of humanity is okay as long as its not from places like Mexico, Haiti, Africa or Pakistan. That wouldn't be politically correct, now would it? Have any self hating white nitwits met or collaborated with a person of non-white extraction who displays the same kind of self loathing and political correctness they themselves exhibit? I'd really like to know.

You know, in almost every non-white society, there is relatively meager performance as far as education, economics, public and family maturity in comparison to fairer races, including Orientals. While this is very obvious in the United States, especially in the larger cities, with a few definite exceptions, you can see the same kind of collective illness in virtually every non-white population around the world. This is best illustrated by what the weepers call developing nations,which have drastically high crime rates, poor educational performance, fatherless families, economic instability, a high level of dependency on white states for economic validity (foreign aid), governmental corruption, and little to no political authority. And yet, all we hear from the whiners and do-gooders from all vectors is that white Americans are all we should be concerned with. They are psychopaths hiding in their suburban communities and trailer parks; raising ADD children and promiscuous teens. Beneath the veneer of stability and permanence they are sick fiends who murder and rape; responsible for infanticide, school shootings, embezzlement, adultery and of course, their all racists. While no one is foolish enough to imply that all European Americans are angels with milk on their breath, the hand wringers and racial haters ignore the fact that non-whites are not only killing themselves to come to America, they also aspire to move into those all-white neighborhoods and trailer parks. Our sworn enemies know that; and it is they who don't want our people to believe Nature did not create anything thats considered equal. Why do you think they see the nation of our fathers as a desirable objective to conquer? You see, that revelation is a dangerous threat to our enemies ambitions.

Do you get my point here, ladies and gentlemen, need I say more? In closing, I will say this:

Even with the best technology, we have to always keep in mind that the system of government behind it may not always be proficient enough to make proper use of it. The best thing that we can do right now is to awaken more of our people who are willing and able to work; who are capable of imparting the right kind of racial and cultural information to ethical resourceful people who will in turn further impart that same information to other ethical and resourceful people. But we must act quickly because time is short, very short, and I hope you will see your way to join us soon.We must keep ever more vigilant, ever active and not run into the nearest hidey hole when the heat gets turned up. That is exactly what the anti white cranks and government functionaries we targeted today want us to do. Even more than the politically correct, equality freaks and side show egalitarians, fear is right now our sole enemy. European Americans United makes no bones about what we need to accomplish and why no matter who doesnt like it.

Teach your children, your nephews and nieces and even your neighbors children who they are and where they come from, we have the resources to help you. Distribute our literature one on one or mail them out, speak with people who have an open mind. Run for office if you can, attend the nearest secessionist group meeting, donate your time and money to causes in your community that will have a direct positive influence on European Americans, call out the racists and the hypocrites in the local and national media. And, whenever they slither out from under a flat rock, body check your elected representative if he is working against your peoples interests. And by all means, let us know. Don't worry too much about those whose strident claim to equality is made because they feel in some way inferior.

Thanks to the very upheaval and tumult they themselves have created, their days are numbered.

Thanks for listening.

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