December 13, 2008

Michael S. Steele: Racial Slur Backfires

Not This Time: 'White Bread' Slur Attacked

Blind copied to many Fox News and Politico writers.

To: Sean Hannity
Sent: Friday, December 12, 2008 5:00 PM
Subject: White bread is a slur!

Good evening!

This message is to soundly criticize and reject the use of "white bread" by your sometimes stand-in on Fox News, Michael S. Steele, who is quoted by Politico as saying:

“What Cao represents is a new face, a new opportunity, a 21st-century look for the party,” said Steele. “The Republican Party’s strength comes in many forms and many hues. We have to understand now it’s not all white bread.”

There is no way that Mr. Steele will be able to represent and lead the Republican Party if he indulges in such degrading language. "White bread" arises from the East and West Coast entertainment companies who seek to degrade the diverse white American people. We are shocked that Mr. Steele would even consider describing the majority of members of the Republican Party as "white bread."

This is a new low for Republicans and if they select Mr. Steele as their leader, they will be endorsing his use of hateful language that denies our diversity and our nationality. This gives us a look into his mind that is as distasteful as President-Elect Obama's "a typical white person." Doesn't anyone give sensitivity training to politicians? Shame on Mr. Steele.

And shame on Politico for refusing to add an editorial note to the article reminding readers that "white bread" is a left-wing racialist label designed to degrade the diverse white American peoples.

Bo Sears

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