December 13, 2008

Defamation and the Harbingers of Hate

We need to shift focus from being observers to helping one another, not hindering ourselves.

by Frank Roman

Audio Version

Recently posted in Western Voices World News was a list --crafted by the founding members of EAU-- of the organizational positions on issues of importance to our people in the continental United States and wherever else they may live. Those positions are: Immigration, Globalism, Multiculturalism, Economy, Environment and Freedom. Not long afterward we also posted a notification of the addition of a new position, one that we assumed is implicit to our organizational philosophy but was not overtly sanctioned; that being defamation.

Now this is important -- very important. In fact its critical. If you have been active in or aware of countless attempts in this country toward establishing an effective European American advocacy movement, you also understand that these efforts have been stymied over and over again. Why? Well, for reasons that have finally manifested themselves in no uncertain terms, certain corporate, governmental, activist groups and moneyed bigots have decided with malice aforethought that the United States has remained an extension of the people of Europe long enough. In other words it has remained "white" long enough.

In the interest of the free movement of people and goods, globalism, yet couched in terms of civil rights and tolerance "young white Americans have been stripped...(of the) knowledge of European and American histories, cultures, origins, contributions, and diversities..." and their very identity. As we have demonstrated hundreds of times here at Western Voices World News their campaign to slander and demean any form of resistance to non-white ethnic supremacy and global subservience has been largely successful.

The fact that America was once a "shining city on the hill" due exclusively to the fact that it was founded and maintained as a distinctly European American manifestation of what the best of our people can accomplish, was an aberration as far as our enemies are concerned. People need to understand that as the majority goes, so goes the nation, and for far too long the incursions of the harbingers of hate have gone unanswered.

But not anymore.

With many thanks to our friends over at Resisting Defamation, who assisted us in crafting a clear position when it comes to responding to the defamation of our people, European Americans United has formally adapted another article under the Issues section of our organization's platform: Defamation. So today I'd like to base this weeks podcast on the establishment of our new platform and how we will move forward.

Defamation is defined as: an act of communication that causes someone to be shamed, ridiculed, held in contempt, lowered in the estimation of the community, or to lose employment status or earnings or otherwise suffer a damaged reputation. Such defamation is couched in 'defamatory language'. Libel and slander are defamation.

In keeping with EAU's mission statement(s) we believe this anti-defamation plank will be well received. In fact, the Board has agreed just such a position "will bolster and refine EAU's place in the existing culture of grievance, by creating an implicitly legitimate space for explicit European-American identification that is beyond attack."While other manifestations of Euro centric activism have not explicitly set out to define an aggressive rather than defensive posture, having always relied instead on an "implicit defense," that needs to change NOW into explicit attack whenever justified. We therefore strongly urge all of EAU's members and supporters to "be on the lookout" for issues, depictions, statements and activity that defame, insult or slur European Americans. -- and then address it properly (here).


Thirty-six years ago, well-known Wilmot Robertson in his 1972 book, "The Dispossessed Majority," commented on the need for a watchdog organization to criticize slurs and smears against European Americans: "There are aggressively censorious minority organizations, principal among them the B’nai B’rith’s Anti-Defamation League, which monitor the printed and the spoken word for the most subtle anti-minority allusions. Should any be found, the owner or editor of the offending media and, if necessary, the writer, advertisers and stockholders are so advised and admonished. The majority, to its great loss, has no similar watchdog organizations."Every other demographic-based organization in America has established such an organization to protect its children and grandchildren from unwanted and derogatory names and labels. Only European Americans have failed to speak out against such hate speech.

In the sixties and seventies, a flier circulated by left-wing racialists listed ten ways to determine supremacy. (In those days, of course, it was directed toward minority groups to liberate them from "white oppression.") The first key to recognizing supremacy was to determine who named and labeled you. Nowadays, it is the diverse European Americans who are named, and named differently, by other groups. For example, some African Americans call us "honky," some Asian Americans call us "round-eyes," and some Jewish Americans call us "goyim." The second key to recognizing supremacy claims was to determine whether we have internalized the names others imposed on us. And, of course, there are many that we carelessly and thoughtlessly use to describe ourselves, e.g., gentile, gringo, shiksa, and haole. It behooves us to reject all names imposed on us, to combat slurs ("dumb blonde"), hate caricatures ("All In The Family"), and negative stereotypes ("typical white person"), and to fight all labels that smother our nationality (American), that smother our diversity (various European countries), and that validate supremacy claims by groups outside our diverse European American family. A European American anti-defamation program would demand that we have the sole right to name, label, define, and describe ourselves, and the ultimate goal of such an anti-defamation organization would be to allow our children and grandchildren to have a decent sense of self-respect. It is a goal of this organization to bring such a sensibility to our members and readers, and to support all movements and efforts that defend European Americans from slanders, canards, and imposed labels. --end of Article

Of course, the fact that EAU has now clearly signaled that we will no longer tolerate the defamation of our people; that we will no longer let it slide whenever we hear things from the likes of Michael Steele, a candidate for the RNC chairmanship of all things, referring to a certain wing of the political establishment as "white bread," it will be for nothing unless our members and supporters reject cowardice and vigorously go on the attack against this kind of libel, the examples of which are utterly innumerable.

Now you have to know this type of activism will involve making the decision that all of you who are listening to this podcast or reading the text, must exercise a heightened awareness to the world around you, monitoring the printed and the spoken word. And when you do act remember that whatever remark or incident you have targeted -- the response absolutely will not be framed in the context of a wounded victim. No, the owner or editor of the offending media and, if necessary, the writer, advertisers and yes the stockholders must not only be advised but publicly pilloried without mercy; in a sane and lucid manner throwing a searchlight upon their sick souls and twisted minds for all the world to see. If you have to get on a local talk radio show, do it. If you think litigation is the answer, do it. If you have to track down the offender and go eye to eye to explain their hate to them then by all means do it...and then publicize it without remorse.

Over time this will create an atmosphere favorable to otherwise fair-minded but unawakened persons who will in turn --sooner than later-- launch their own offensive. And trust me when I tell you, our people's enemies will hate this kind of approach as only they can hate. Certainly, our efforts won't be easy--nothing worthwhile ever is. There are some risks involved thanks in large part to the silence and or distraction of our previous generation. But rest assured you won't be alone and the system can sustain its efforts successfully ONLY if our people remain compliant, and that has to stop right now on a scale they will not expect. While it is true that some people run into trouble when their views become public we still think this is the envelope that has to be pushed. This is what the BNP and other successful groups overseas is doing and I firmly believe there are several million people in this country hungry for our message -- for your message. However, you can also be sure our detractors, many of whom are white I'm sorry to say, "will not abandon their focus on whiteness, no matter how vehement the pleas and how virtuously oppressed those doing the pleading."

In fact the editors for a fish wrap called Race Traitor have pretty much summed up the universal intent of those who are known and unknown directing their hate and vindictiveness towards European Americans: "Make no mistake about it: we intend to keep bashing the dead white males, and the live ones, and the females too, until the social construct known as ‘the white race’ is destroyed—not ‘deconstructed’ but destroyed." Remember: their hatred of anything that promotes and defends the interests of European Americans assumes a surface legitimacy because the hated “whites” are just a “social construct” as far as they are concerned.

As for European Americans we need to put an end to the political correctness within the white community and stop worrying about whether or not we have "offended" some one. We already know how the system works. We need to shift focus from being observers to helping one another, not hindering ourselves. Yes, we are the descendants of a great people in spite of our flaws but no one is going to return us to our rightful place in America unless we get busy yesterday, and that includes preventing the harbingers of hate from getting away with defaming and attacking our folk.

Therefore, we -- you and I, our allies, and the rest of EAU -- will flatly attack our enemies mindset and motivations which are matters of their blackened hearts; by revealing their intent to disparage, defame and frighten our good people; matters which have suddenly manifested themselves -- like something dead and rotten ascending to the surface of a cold and nameless lake. Good luck and keep us informed.

Thanks for listening.


apollonian said...

[I first submitted this essay of mine for another site, but it goes good here too, I think. I hope u find this essay, below-copied, useful. A.]

Non-Christian Appeal Is Beside Necessary Point Which Successfully, Accurately Isolates Jews Best, Most
(Apollonian, 14 Dec 08)

AA, I'd say best pt. to be made on this news (KKK "racist" flyers--see, "Knights...," 13 Dec 08) is it's just more of the same old stuff--and that's not as good as it could or should be. White patriots must be more imaginative.

For obvious necessary goal for salvation of USA is Jew-expulsion, and this will only be done by means of basic Christian inspiration. This Jew-expulsion necessity deserves emphasis on its own for which aforementioned, topical KKK "flyers" utterly fail.

For don't doubt that, Christian or not, evermore people understand Jews are the problem. Thus it's got to be, for true patriots, a radical Christian expression which is:

(a) NOT anti-Reason. For Christianity is affirmation of reason, logic, science, etc., AGAINST Judaic lies, conspiracy, hystericism, obsession, mysticism, etc., as Christianity affirms OBJECTIVE reality, foundation/criterion of truth (Gosp. JOHN 8:32 and 14:6), against Jew lies, again.

(b) As Christianity is affirmation of truth and HONESTY, it also affirms its proper share of HATRED, not only "love." For love is and should be for one's allies against the enemy--the enemy of truth and God, which enemy is Jews who deserve hatred.

(c) Most of all, Christianity must be seen as ANTI-SEMITIC (anti-Talmud, as Gosp. MARK 7:1-13), for that's its specific, practical purpose. Without Jews there'd be no need for Christianity, certainly no urgent need.

(d) For people need to be able to see Christianity IN PERSPECTIVE, in context--context of a Jew-infested culture, as of original Roman Empire infested then, as ours is now, by Jews, absolute masters of the lie.

(e) Hence then (real) Christians have an obvious target audience consisting of those who really are genuinely interested in Christianity, but who aren't getting the best or proper guidance. These proto-Christians are especially the present dupes of "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo/ref.) hereticalism which pretends Christ was Jew (hence Talmudist), for thematic example. Poor JCs are simply victims of Jew funding of liars and false-prophets posing as real Christians.

CONCLUSION: So AA, that's the job that's not getting done--this OUT-REACH to Christians. Appeal to whites merely as whites isn't so bad, but it's rather BESIDE THE PT. and relatively ineffective as it far more easily allows whites to seem to be ISOLATED then against all others--whereas Christian-orientation far more effectively ISOLATES Jews, the real enemies of humanity, against all humanity, not just whites. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

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