December 9, 2008


The western world has purposely been misled, intimidated and hypnotized by fear from nearly all established institutions of civilization. The best way to wire an individual's brain for fear is to consistently state the exact same premise over and over again regardless of the veracity of such statements. As neuroscientists predict, individuals will unconsciously begin to believe such statements and the more often these ideas are reinforced, the stronger the hard wiring becomes.

We live in a semi-conscious state of terrorism where our minds have ostensibly been pre-programmed for fear. As history has consistently shown mankind, the best way to control a population is through the institutionalization of fear. Cancer, debt, disease, terrorism, sleeper cells, war, Al Qaeda, and death are just some of the key words promulgated throughout our daily lives, but how much of these are actually true threats deserving of our fear? Even better, how many of these fears are simply unfounded and misguided to keep us in an uncertain, apprehensive and controlled state of mind?

Transitioning from fear to truth marks an integral shift in the beginning of a revolution. Whether conscious or unconscious, this transformation marks the beginning of the inexorable zeitgeist where truth, knowledge and freedom become the founding principles of the new, emerging society. These changes will not occur overnight, but as western society begins to awaken to the inherent truth that fear is simply a technique to suppress the limitless potential of every human being, only then may we begin to become completely free. Releasing our fear as individuals allows us to take control of our destinies as well as facilitate in the transformation of the shifting revolution from the mindless greed of the majority to the love of the conscious minority. Overtime, this fearless and valiant minority will garner more and more support as the shift of knowledge swings from fear to truth until the minority precipitously becomes the majority. In order to supplant the rule of the incognizant majority, truthful knowledge must spread like wildfire across the earth.

We are free individuals by virtue of birth, yet much of our freedoms are lost through our inherent nature to conform to societal norms, from the unconscious, yet powerful and pervasive trends of socialization. We begin to look, act and model our lives around others. For it is fear of non-conforming that keeps the masses conforming. Presently, society is in the midst of an historical change, one where individuals will be defined by what they do for their fellow earthlings instead of what they physically possess. The facade of the material world is rightfully dissolving at an alarming rate only to make way for the emerging revolution of unending personal freedom, wellness, love, knowledge and truthfulness.

A revolution is an uprising of individuals who believe that enough of their rights have been suppressed, ignored and completely hijacked at the expense of those wanting to keep the status quo. When we break free of our fears, we are truly open to experience our true purpose: to live a passionate, happy and loving life. It is time we begin to take back our freedoms through knowledge and awareness because simply put, we are the ones we have been waiting for. As Thomas Jefferson once said, "Enlighten the people generally, and tyranny and oppressions of body and mind will vanish like evil spirits at the dawn of day".

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apollonian said...

[I submitted this below-copied earlier, and I think it would go well for consideration here too. A.]

"...the mainstreaming approach by people like David Duke, Derek Black, and John Ubele has brought the greatest success so far." -WhiteReference

* * * * *

"Success," Victory, Will Consist Of Jew-Expulsion
(Apollonian, 8 Dec 08)

AA, I note ur above-quoted comment (see, ""Naming...," 8 Dec 08) within an otherwise well-reasoned essay/article for this blog-topic. But u need to complete ur exposition by stating and defining EXACTLY what u mean by "success."

For I'd say Ed Steele ( did a great job with his "IT'S JEWS, STUPID," slogan several yrs ago, now. Then there was Steele's classic "It Wasn't Arabs" (Nov 03--see archives) which rather demonstrated the necessary process of INDUCTIVE LOGIC regarding concluding upon the Jew-problem.

And so now question is why and how do we know "it's Jews, stupid"?

And if u're simply honest Christian who knows ur Christian stuff--esp. New Testament (NT)--then u should be able to do pretty well for this substantial exposition--which doesn't have to be all that elaborate or complicated, either:

(a) For remember first off--Jews are foremost liars and frauds, as noted at Gosp. JOHN 8:44.

(b) And what we're suffering, not just USA, but entire world too, is a tremendous CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY--how then does it work?

(c) And that practical engine behind it all, making it (conspiracy) work is COUNTERFEITING conspiracy--as US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed)--see for expo/ref.

(d) Note then "COUNTERFEITING" is a CONCRETE terminology which everyone/anyone can easily understand--even children.

(e) COUNTERFEITING is what allowed Jew masterminds then to buy everything they did to achieve the incredible control/influence they have presently--like the mass-corporate "Jews-media."

(f) Thus note: at first, u don't even have to mention the word, "Jew"--all u have to do is to explain how COUNTERFEITING is the practical means behind EVERYTHING ELSE for this vast Criminal Conspiracy.

(g) And now then, HOW DO WE SOLVE the problem for this horrific, huge Criminal Judeo-Conspiracy?--simple: JEW-EXPULSION.

(h) For Jew-expulsion will automatically, at one-stroke, DE-CAPITATE the conspiracy, IMMEDIATELY, leaving rest of conspirators to be mopped-up at relative leisure.

CONCLUSION: (i) For yes, there are all kinds of other notations to be made, regarding this large, over-riding Judeo-conspiracy (see for expo/ref. on CFR-Bilderberg conspiracy), but we should always start with above expo, as I lay-out for us, herein, the other notes often tending to divert upon "tangents"--as, for example, regarding the "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo/ref.) hereticalists. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian