December 7, 2008

Keep It Real

Don't pick a fight you know you can't win.

by Frank Roman

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Not long ago I had the distinct pleasure of attending European Americans United first national conference. The individuals who make up the current Board of Directors had the privilege of meeting many dedicated people from every background imaginable; and for that alone we are grateful. But we also came away with a number of Special Projects in the works and that just iced the cake as far as I'm concerned. The meeting went longer than we had anticipated and we thank those who volunteered to do what needs to be done. Being on the same page with so many lucid, sane, productive people is truly a rush for those of us who have assumed the mantle of leadership. Good things are en route, believe that. I have to say though, my cross country flight to the meeting and stay in the area was truly eye opening. Either that, or it has been much longer than I thought since I last traveled cross country.

Miscegenation was everywhere and it was not necessarily Euro-derived people who I saw that were neck deep in it. Media brainwashing and institutional propaganda seem to know exactly how to target the most vulnerable of all groups. Orientals were mated with Asians, blacks had mated with Orientals, whites were mated with Hispanics, Arabs had mated with blacks, whites were mated with mulattos, and the combination's were seemingly endless. Yes, crossing racial barriers and the resultant loss of those institutions and outlook peculiar to those races of man has always plagued humanity. But of course, my greatest concern was the highest proliferation of miscegenation I saw during my cross country trip: European Americans who appeared to be romantically involved or clearly were romantically involved with a variation of non-white partners.

In many cases there were children in tow whose visage and mannerisms strongly favored the non-white partner over the white one. But the bigger picture told me something else: if this keeps up not only will the dwindling population of European derived people eventually vanish but so will all the other races until eventually, in due course, the majority of the world's population will come to resemble a box of chocolates rather than a box of crayons. Of course, as countless "pro-white" persons and organizations of varying positive and negative persuasions have pointed out for decades, it will be persons of European descent that will swallow the greatest losses, with the year 2042 rather than 2050 marking our final slide into insignificance -- if we don't get off our collective asses. So let’s not kid ourselves: Like my buddy and fellow Board member John Young recently stated with revelation-inspiring brevity: “While culture can reinforce our genes; and genes create the culture, this is not a "chicken and egg" conundrum because genes absolutely positively must come first.”

So if anyone reading this one-in-a-blue-kazillion weblogs entertains the notion that race doesn't matter and is merely a "social construct" via Noel Ignatiev -- especially as it applies to the fairest and most loyal race this nation has ever had race – then allow me to offer you a one way ticket to Iran, Zimbabwe, Haiti or China so that you may enjoy a real dose of racial relativism up close and personal --on me. And while you are there, party hard and do whatever you wish, okay? Have fun, say whatever you want, do whatever you want, and then let me know how that works out for you.

People need to understand it is a distinct human characteristic to search for one's own kind in all aspects of life. Multiculturalism on the other hand is an atrocity; it is an abomination from beginning to end; with its main purpose to divide and conquer. Get rid of the destructive influence of multicultural brainwashing and many would openly agree with the results of its absence. Ignorance and hate having little to nothing to do with it; it is a natural system that nearly always promotes exactly the opposite, which is harmony and agreement within a family unit, a township, a city, right on up to a homeland. Multiculturalism on the other hand promotes a form of hate that is truly murderous. Don’t think so. Spend some perusing some “anti racist” blogs and message boards for a true taste of tolerance. More often than not these cretins get their inspiration from federally funded corporate financed diversity programs. They would happily kill us if they thought they could get away with it, and in large measure they gauge their tolerance by the degree to which they turn on their very people. And that’s where you come in.

In order for European Americans to pull off any progress toward self-sustaining strength in the United States, those who acknowledge being conservatives, liberals independents, etc in the hunt toward survival had better consider abandoning their preconceived bought and paid for ideology and replace it with a national integration of people hood and land; you know, like every other racial group is encouraged to do. Our people's tribal integration of self consciousness and identity will not come all by itself. It's going to need a series of strong pushes through mental and spiritual structural improvement. Today our people's basic choice is between the integration of our history and our European founded philosophic sense of nationhood; or our eventual disintegration: marginalized, broken and scorned. As time progresses --and it hasn't appeared to slow down any-- this could mean an unpleasant set of choices: war or peace, life or death. So as far as we should be concerned a far sighted and coherent approach is vital and it needs to come now. Holding fast to immediate needs, current circumstances, and conditioned dogma just won't cut it anymore especially for you newbie’s coming into the fold. A program that will benefit and preserve a people as individuals and as a nation won't come overnight but it has to be undertaken now. Of course this kind of undertaking will involve struggle and the key to success is to lessen the chances of losing a struggle. According to the British National Party one important aspect of that groups' ideological developments, which we would be advised to follow, has been a constructive examination and subsequent analysis of why "WN" has failed. The conclusion is very simple: it has been is a result of picking battles we are unable to win. You know as well as I do how demoralizing constant defeat can be. But worse than demoralizing, it opens the door to the nut balls and Sieg Heil cranks who decide that the whole system is so all-powerful (which it’s not) that only a day of reckoning will save us. And we know how well that kind of panic-driven abrasive-sounding approach has worked; which is not to say it isn’t a good idea to be self sufficient, far from it. But, in terms of organization and movement we should look closely at all of our campaigns and the activism we undertake. We have to balance them out with effort versus desired results in the company of a reality-based organization -- and an achievable outlook.

But this is not a short term diagnosis to a very pressing issue. Among other things we have to start early, especially with our children. As parents and potential parents we have to fully understand that “media-television, movies, popular music, video games--promote everything (we) don’t want for (our) children: baseness, vulgarity, multi-racialism, egalitarianism, cosmopolitanism, materialism, rudeness, passivity and vicariousness. Perhaps there is a History or Discovery Channel program parents and children (can) watch together, or a classic film; but no Nickelodeon, no MTV, no Disney films (or at least no recent Disney films-the old ones, when Walt was still around, are OK), no mind-infecting video games, and no Internet-surfing" --(R. Griffin on Raising Honorable White Children). You get the picture.

But don’t lose sight of what were dealing with in the here and now: plugged in young adults degenerating into a childhood of cheap cartoons and hip video games. If I understand demographics correctly it's the children of Baby Boomers who are currently filling overpriced brownstones and loft apartments while enjoying a shallow hookup culture; entitled weak minded trendy brats with an overinflated sense of self-importance. So if there is a coddled nation of global citizens on the way, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand how prevalent it is. After all, at the direction of some truly deep pockets and Constitution-hating windbags these shallow Generation X and Generation Y pawns graciously gave us Barack Obama to be the front man while his cronies in the media and Washington run the show.

But all is not lost. Remember, this is the age of the internet and instant communication. Use it wisely and effectively and there’s no reason we can’t win. No one says we cannot pass on racial idealism, the difference between right and wrong, personal responsibility, and moral fiber — all the things even our recent ancestors cherished and passed on to their children. The evidence of change in our favor is already being felt and it is up to you to exploit it. And not only that, as our enemies continue to pull over the top stunts that are all but impossible of being ignored by even the mouth breathers the gap between reality and multi-culti daydreams will continue to narrow. That’s why it’s so important for you to reveal to those who are capable of understanding that they belong to a great race of people.

It is up to you that they re-discover their own history, heritage, and ethnicity before idolizing the ways of others;
--that their own genetic inheritance and traditions must be protected and preserved and extended, and that they have a personal responsibility to share this enlightenment once it is internalized.

Strength and unity used to exist when the United States was comprised of mostly one community of people originating from Europe. Absent the fight against established Western culture whose institutions were deeply corrupted by Marxist-inspired creeds in the 60’s and 70’s, no Constitution or Bill of Rights will succeed in capturing that unity until race realism is drilled into everyone’s head, specifically the craniums of most European Americans, and peaceful natural segregation is no longer prevented. In fact, even apart from racial issues, if we don’t achieve at least a semblance of unity in this nation we will continue to get what we’ve had under the neoconservative gymnastics of George Bush and what we can expect to get under the leftist persuasions of Barack Obama; complete with Clinton administration retreads, Federal Reserve muckety mucks, and even a high level mestizo bureaucrat plucked from LaRaza. Nevertheless, class warfare and human envy have always been with us, but a nation of similar derived people can more easily overcome these maladies by way of a common ancestry and common values; a reinforced nation existing without the cries of tolerance & for racial sameness muddling up the ideological landscape.

Look, this is all basic stuff. Unfortunately though, too many of our people don’t even comprehend such simplicity, or worse, don’t care. Again, that’s where you come in. Keep it real and move forward.

Thanks again for listening.

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