November 6, 2008

1964 Ronald Reagan Speech "A Time for Choosing"

>>>EDIT<<< Here is a Direct Link
A Time for Choosing

Or a link to The Mark Levin Show

This is the 11/05/2008 Mark Levin Show.
You don't need to listen to the whole show, but his opening remarks are pretty interesting.

At about 38 minutes in he starts playing a Ronald Reagan speech "A Time for Choosing" 10/27/1964.

Its an awesome speech where he praises free market capitalism and tears down socialism in a way we need again.


Orion said...

Mark Levin is one of the few jewish radio hosts I can tolerate. He's very sharp and can chew up and spit out leftists and liberals like no other. He seems to be sincere in his positions, but has the typical arrogance peculiar to his tribe.

Ole Ronnie wasn't called the "Great Communicator" for nothing. I find it interesting that everything he complained about (confiscation, warrantless searches ect) increased on his watch.

Volksgeist said...