November 1, 2008

Elderly couple robbed assaulted by "people who annoy you" in Mcdonalds

SSDD, but the comment section really tells the story of a Folk who aren't going to take it much longer.

"cowardly fucking slime"

"if the elderly didn't eat there........ this could have been avoided.


"Fukn bunch of animals, always trying to get something for nothing. That old guy probably served his country in the military so these fukr's have freedom and they use it to rob people. String em up!"

"Punks, wish the old man had a gun and wasted the whole damn lot."

"This makes me fucking sick. Worthless pieces of shit..."

"looks like atlanta, tough guys right? you got to be a total asshole to rob some senior citizens while they are eating. I say firing squad is in order"

"Fuckin' pricks are from here in Portland, OR. The Obamanation strikes again."

"So thats where they get "Change" you can believe in.

I'm luv'in it"

"Fucking dirty scumbags, alway's in packs too, have you noticed or is it just me???"

"Why am i not surprised who the "culprits" are"

"I am in favor of citizens being allowed to carry firearms if they choose. In dade county Florida car jackings dropped to nill when citizens were allowed to carry concealed weapons in the mid 90s, tourists were targeted. These "shits" would of been so scared on who was carring or not that they would not be hanging around McDonalds because they would be going broke buying everyone a meal and "Yes Siren" and "No mammem", because they would be to scared shitless to upset anyone...."

"Yeah. I normally don't upload these types of videos. It's always the same story."

"Katrina refugees strike again."

The sleeper is stirring and once it awakes cowards like this will be shown the same mercy they have shown, none!

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