November 11, 2008

Genocide Chronicles: The Carnage Continues

Last week numerous white men were murdered in their homes. This week its the turn of the fairer sex it seems. For a change, cops have made arrests in some cases.

From news sources in the past 48 hours:

Teens held for elderly woman's murder

November 11 2008

Police have arrested two black teenagers in connection with the murder of a 72-year-old Montagu (Western Cape) woman, Elma Burger. One, a 17-year-old boy, is to appear in the Montagu magistrate's court on Tuesday on probable charges of murder, theft and housebreaking.

Police were questioning the other, aged 18, last night, and could not confirm if he, too, would face charges. A neighbour found Burger dead in her shower on Sunday afternoon. Preliminary autopsy findings suggested her neck had been broken.

Burger's main bedroom window had been damaged. Her cellphone and car, a Mazda Etude, were missing and were found abandoned 15km from Barrydale on the R62 early on Monday. The 17-year-old was arrested on Monday afternoon on a farm 15km from Barrydale, said police spokesperson Bernadine Steyn.

Later in the afternoon, the 18-year-old was also taken in for questioning in connection with the murder, housebreaking, and theft. The older youth was found on a farm 35km from Montagu.

Four held for murder

November 11 2008

Four blacks were arrested for murder in Tembisa on Tuesday, Ekurhuleni metro police said. Spokesperson Inspector Mveli Nhlapo said the four allegedly stabbed a woman to death at her Edenvale home on Sunday and made off with R2 500 and a red Toyota Cressida.

"The Cressida was found abounded at a car wash in Tembisa near the taxi rank on Monday. When the owner (86 year old Jean Hughes) was traced through the car's registration number, it was found that she had been murdered. "She was stabbed several times with a screw driver until she died," said Nhlapo.

The four aged between 18 and 22 were arrested at different houses in Phomolong section on Tuesday morning. They would appear in the Edenvale magistrate's court on Thursday. - Sapa

Well-known dominee found dead

11 November 2008

Vanderbijlpark - The body of a well-known former NG minister, who is believed to have died "under mysterious circumstances", was discovered in his home by a friend on Sunday.

Johan Hartzenberg, 59, who had been the NG minister in Vanderbijlpark for the past 23 years, presumably died of natural causes, but an unnatural death was not excluded. "There are no signs that Hartzenberg was murdered, but we are investigating the cause of his death," said police spokesperson Captain Shado Mashobane.

"The unidentified friend went to visit and found Hartzenberg dead next to his bed." According to Mashobane, the cause of Hartzenberg's death would be revealed in the post-mortem, which would be held on Tuesday. Hartzenberg was the chairperson of a clergy workers union, while Dr Adelbert Scholtz was secretary and a fellow member.

"I think Dominee Hartzenberg and Dr Scholtz were the union's only two members and their attempts to be a watchdog over ministers and religious workers' interests and job security did not amount to much," said a minister from Vanderbijlpark who didn't want to be identified.

Northwest Farm murderers arrested

10 November 2008

The black gang who murdered Sias Stander (69) in Coligny last week, has been arrested. Hannetjie Stander (68) was able to kill one of the savages and wound another when they broke down the door of the bedroom the terrified old woman locked herself into. Her husband was not so fortunate, and died after being repeatedly stabbed. Hannetjie herself suffered twelve stab wounds but is making a good recovery.

The dead boon was identified as Ernest Vilakazi (34) a Mozambican. Samuel Makgetla (26) wearing a Springbok jersey (this is the second boon murderer dressed in a Springbok jersey in the past few weeks - is there a subliminal statement being made here?) and his fellow gang members Patrick Malebo (28) and Sergio Masibela (27) also Mozambicans did not plead. The case was remanded to 17 November pending further investigation, after which the accused may apply for bail.

In this fucked-up coon-run country, illegal immigrants with no fixed abode are free to apply for bail even in murder cases, and will usually receive it and disappear. One of the arrested suspects were out on bail for another criminal matter, while also under "correctional supervision" for yet another!

Black teenager sentenced for murder

Godfrey Mokoena 19) was yesterday sentenced to 33 years imprisonment for cold-bloodedly murdering a young white father in front of his two young daughters. Mokoena and two fellow boons attacked Wikus Burger (31) in 2007 on his smallholding just outside Sabie in the Eastern Transvaal during a birthday party. First they attacked Burger's wife Irma in the kitchen. Burger heard the commotion and investigated, whereupon the rampaging blacks shot him at point blank range in the face, while his two young daughters were watching. They then fled with Irma's handbag.

Mokoena will have to serve at least 20 years before he can be allowed out on parole, however in recent years, murderers will either escape or slip out of the corrupt criminal justice system within two to three years of sentencing. His two accomplices were never arrested.

BMW manager's killers jailed

November 10 2008

Two Mozambicans who murdered BMW manager Manie Maritz at his Constantia Park home in July last year were on Monday sentenced to life imprisonment. The 48-year-old Maritz was shot dead in the backyard of his home in the early hours of the morning after him and his 15-year-old disabled daughter, Serelda, returned from a wedding.

Acting Judge Vivian Tlhapi sentenced Frans Mthabesitha, 26, and Patric Sithole, 36, both originally from Mozambique, to life and six months imprisonment for murdering Mr Maritz and assaulting Serelda. She commended a neighbour who probably saved Serelda's life when he fired shots, hitting one of the fleeing assailants, after seeing a man struggling with the screaming child and Maritz lying lifeless on the ground.

"Nowadays neighbours or individuals seldom come to the assistance of victims of crime or violence. They seldom come to such assistance to the extent of putting their own lives in danger," the judge said. She also praised members of the police's Flying Squad who arrested the two shortly after the incident where they were sitting in the grass next to a road about two kilometres from the scene.

Sithole was bleeding from his left leg and police found cash and Serelda's cellphone on Mthabesitha. Tlhapi said the accused had not shown any remorse whatsoever for what they did.

It was "outrageous" to kill a person for a cellphone and a few other items, the judge said. There was nothing as callous and brutal as being confronted with armed robbers when you arrive home and to end up being killed or assaulted within seconds of arriving.

Tlhapi said citizens of South Africa were plagued every minute of every day by murders, housebreakings, robberies and rapes - often perpetrated in the safety of their own homes. The courts should send out a very strong message that such conduct would not be tolerated, she said. - Sapa

Another woman athlete knifed during race

Port Elizabeth - A marathon runner from Despatch will have to learn to walk again after some of the "spectators" in Walmer township attacked her during the Algoa Bus Bay to Bay Challenge on Saturday, stabbing her three times in the back with a knife.

"My legs immediately went lame, said Theresa Matthysen, 42, from her hospital bed on Sunday. "And when I fell down, they stole my shoes off my feet. They also took my wristwatch."

The incident occurred in Victoria Lane in Walmer township, where Matthysen was running her leg of the relay in the Bay to Bay race. In this race between Jeffreys Bay and Port Elizabeth, athletes compete individually and in relays against the well-known tourist bus, Lady Elizabeth, over distances of 50km and 100km respectively.

It is the second time in four months that a participant in a public race in the Eastern Cape has been attacked by a "spectator". In the Washie 100-mile-ultramarathon between Port Alfred and East London in July, a man grabbed Susan Hurter, 46, by her ponytail and dragged her off the road. She struggled and managed to free herself. The man ran away.

In Matthysen's case the "spectators" stood in the road and she had to run through the throng.

"That's when one of them grabbed me around the neck. I felt a terrible pain in my back and first thought I had been hit, but then I saw the bloodied knife in the other one's hand." The men fled into the township after they had robbed her of her shoes and wristwatch.

She was left lying in the road. Shortly afterwards, two other participants who had completed their part of the relay, drove by and saw Matthysen lying there. "The one took off his shirt and pressed it on the wounds to stop the bleeding, while the other one called an ambulance," Matthysen's husband, Johan, said at her bedside in the Life St George Hospital on Sunday.

In the meantime, a back specialist has established that one of her vertebrae had splintered. "The doctor said it isn't life-threatening and he therefore doesn't want to operate," Matthysen said. Some of her spinal nerves were also damaged, and by Sunday afternoon she still had no feeling in her left leg. "The doctor said I will have to learn to walk from scratch, but at least I am alive," she said.

The Matthysens believe the race route should be changed next year. "Or there should be better policing." Race organiser, Mike Zoetmulder, said the attack was "absolutely shocking". Matthysen was going to lay a charge at the police station on Sunday.

Couple shoots suspect dead on N4

Breaking down at the side of the road is extremely dangerous in South Africa. This weekend, a white couple's vehicle broke down just outside Witbank. While they were waiting for help, two boons decided to attack and rob them. Luckily the white man was armed and shot at his attackers, who then ran away. One ran off to the local police station and told cops that he was minding his own business, walking next to the freeway when the racist white started shooting at him for no reason at all. However, during interrogation he eventually admitted that he and his now dead accomplice had attacked the stranded couple with a knife and a sharpened screwdriver, with the purpose of robbing them of cash, cellphones and valuables.

Black cops are extremely eager to arrest whites who dare resist being raped, robbed and murdered, and the MO is usually to confiscate the white victim's weapon, after which the hapless whitey is thrown into a jail cell with 20 other savages to be raped, beaten and robbed.

November 10 2008

A 29-year-old black was shot while allegedly attempting an armed robbery on the N4 near Witbank on Saturday, said Mpumalanga police.

Sipho Mnisi and a friend were allegedly on their way to buy chips when they spotted a broken down silver Colt bakkie on the morning of Mnisi's father's funeral, said Captain Leonard Hlathi.

The white couple in the bakkie shot at the men as they approached the vehicle.

Mnisi's friend fled the scene and reported the incident at the Vosman police station. Meanwhile, Mnisi, who was shot under his right armpit, flagged down a taxi which took him home. Mnisi died at the gate after his family called an ambulance.

Mnisi's friend confessed to attempted armed robbery on Monday.

He said that they were armed with a knife and a screwdriver and were attempting to rob the couple of their cash and cellphones. Mnisi's friend was arrested and was expected to appear in Witbank's magistrate's Court on Tuesday. - Sapa

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