November 29, 2008

Kunst Gegen Entartete Kunst - Ludwig van Beethoven

Kunst Gegen Entartete Kunst (Art Against Degenerate Art)

Art the root of which is Ar an old Indo-European word for the sun, brightness or light, it was also also once the root of an ancient name for the people of the sun, or people of the light, the Aryans, and it has lost it's true meaning to the general public.

Today we are witness to animalistic and perverse images and ideas and it is mislabeled "art". Art uplifts and inspires but this new "degenerate art" is only meant to shame and breakdown, to repulse and infect. True it maybe a type of human expression, but it does not and cannot qualify as art.

In our world today feces is smeared across a piece of cardboard and called a portrait of Christ, musicians electronically sample bits and pieces of real music, and then over the twisted samples they rhyme about rape, jewelry, murder and general unbridled savagery yet they are called artists. Below I would like to reintroduce you to a true artist, a man who's work uplifts and inspires, even long after his death.

Beethoven's, Ode An Die Freude (Ode To Joy)
part 1

part 2

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John Q Public said...

i prefer his work with out opera singing but nice.