November 25, 2008

Knoxville: Teen Rapists Take Plea Deal

Trio sentenced to 25 to 30 years in jail for actions

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By Jamie Satterfield

Her husband bound and bleeding, the woman did not rage at the teenage gunmen.

"I talked to both of you the whole time," a woman who was forced to perform oral sex on a trio of home invaders while her husband was made at gunpoint to watch told two of her assailants Monday. "I talked to you about the people you love. You asked me about my family, my children, and you still raped me."

The woman recounted how she grew nauseous as Shavon D. Page pointed a gun at her head during the rape.

"He made the statement if you throw up, I'll blow your head off," Assistant District Attorney General Phil Morton told Knox County Criminal Court Judge Bob McGee.

"You laughed," the woman told Page. "You asked my husband how he felt. You wanted to take my husband's manhood from him. You wanted to defile my marriage bed."

Page and Michael L. McMahan, both 18, were standing trial Monday on charges ranging from especially aggravated kidnapping to aggravated rape to aggravated robbery. A third suspect in the June 2007 invasion of the couple's River Shores Drive home, Dameion S. Nolan, 18, was poised to testify against them, having pleaded guilty earlier this year for a 25-year prison term. Instead, the pair took plea deals.


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