November 3, 2008

Obama's Grandmother: Barack Obama Was Born In Kenya


Orion said...

This would seem easy to prove. Did Stanley have a passport, and did she travel to Kenya? I would assume she had one since she lived in Indonesia.

apollonian said...

"Something Big Is Up," Good Comrades--ZOG-Mammon Is Preparing To Spring Something Clever Upon Us--Again
(Apollonian, 5 Nov 08)

Orion, good comrade: it is certain and un-disputed FACT Stanley-Ann had passport and traveled to Kenya--there is no doubt. And Stanley-Ann was pregnant, etc.--all of this is actually extremely well-documented (e.g. see Jerome Corsi, "Obamination").

Further, u might be over-looking EQUALLY fatal evidence regarding circumstances of Obama's having been ADOPTED by the Indonesian step-father. Obama himself, later in his life, traveled to Pakistan on his own passport--which passport was NOT American, as Americans at that time were not allowed into Pakistan, I understand.

This entire Obama episode is truly and actually an incredible farce and amazing hoax.

Ask urself: WHY, truly, would Obama and Democrats actually hire lawyers to argue AGAINST the publication of Obama's Hawaiian birth certificate? Imagine these shysters in court pleading with the judge to effect his birth certification must not be made public--WHY WOULD THEY DO THIS?--This COULD ONLY BE an incredible scam being pulled--by who else?

All this HAD TO HAPPEN--and now white and Christian people of USA are coming together, honestly scratching their heads and considering why would Obama's Kenyan grandmother lie about Obama being born in Kenya.

How is it Obama pretends he didn't know his "auntie" is illegal alien living in government-provided housing in Boston, USA?--he really "didn't know"?--pretty stupid for a supposedly "smart" lawyer and prospective Prez, eh?

And, let's not forget--did 9-11 "commission" cover-up a few things about Israeli-involvement in that horrific mass-murder?--ck

Did Bush and government lie about "weapons of mass-destruction" in Iraq? Did Israelis murder US seamen on USS Liberty in 1967?--see Do Jews lie as matter-of-course?--and does a bear shit in the woods?

CONCLUSION: So something "big" is indubitably "up"--and isn't it too bad ZOG-Mammon is too stupid and cowardly, still, to shut-down MIGHTY INTERNET? Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian