May 1, 2009

South Africa: This could have been your daughter!

By Mike Smith

This 15 year old schoolgirl (presumably White) is walking on her way to school and along comes a filthy Kaffir and start making advances at her. She first ignores him and carries on walking, but not content, the Houtkop carries on sexually harassing the young girl who was born when Apartheid was long finished and the ANC came to power.

Here the story gets interesting, she says he just walked up to her and started stabbing her nine times….she is still in hospital fighting for her life. He says she told him to “Fuckoff Kaffir” and that is why he stabbed her. The shitskin tried to flee, but witnesses apprehended him.

That is the usual excuse in South Africa. Blacks attack Whites and then just claim they were racially insulted…and they get off scot free. Black domestics kill their White employers and when get caught, they just claim racial abuse. Same with Black farm workers…In other words, if you want to get away with murder, just cry “racism”.

This is a sick country….a mental asylum run by the inmates. It must be the only society in the world where “Racism” is a bigger crime than murder. The sad fact is that the public will take the side of the Black murderers and condemn the White victims, (whether the racist allegations were true or not). Even White people will say, “Well she shouldn’t have called him a Kaffir, she got what she deserved”.

Stuff the fact that he sexually harassed an under aged girl. Stuff the fact that he stabbed her with intent to kill….Racism is a bigger “crime”. And everyone will ignore the fact that that he was a Black Man who harassed and stabbed a White girl…but that is not racism, because Blacks can never be racists. But let me assure you that if the colours were reversed…If a White Man sexually harassed and stabbed a Black girl…it would have been front page news in every newspaper and on every television channel.

Is racism even a crime? Crimen Injuria is a crime…but she is the guilty one by public opinion. Already found guilty, hung drawn and quartered for “Racism”.

Would-be ‘suitor’ stabs girl

A 15-year-old schoolgirl is in hospital fighting for her life after she was allegedly stabbed 11 times by a motorist whose advances she rejected.

The incident, which has shocked fellow pupils, happened yesterday morning while she was on her way to school with friends in eMpangeni on the KwaZulu- Natal North Coast.

The girl, whose identity has been withheld, is a Grade 9 pupil at Mpangeni High School.

“She was stabbed repeatedly in the upper body, presumably with a knife. She was taken to a local hospital and was in a critical condition,” said Mounties Ambulance Service spokesperson Joseph Kruger.

Mpangeni police spokesperson Sergeant Zanele Mkhwanazi said the pupil was on her way to school when she was attacked by the man, who cannot be named until he appears in court.

“The pupil was walking along Dunn Road in Central Park when the man, who is in his 30s, showed up and suggested that they make love.

Initially the girl ignored him but he nagged until she insulted him.

“Well at least, that’s his version of the story,” said Mkhwanazi.

Mkhwanazi said police were still trying to get more information from the suspect because his statement was mixed up .

“We hope that the girl will recover so that she gives us her side of the story,” she said.

After stabbing the girl the man fled but was apprehended by witnesses.

“The girl is still fighting for her life in hospital,” Mkhwanazi said.

Meanwhile, parents and community members Sowetan spoke to expressed shock, with some calling for the suspect to be sent to jail for a long time.

“I think he must be hanged. We can’t have such lunatics acting like this. When we send our children to school we want to do so knowing very well that they will come back,” said one parent.

“We can’t have a situation where some crazy people use violence because they are rejected by those who they are making advances at. By the way she is just 15, Dickson Zikhali said.

The man is expected to appear in the Mpangeni magistrate’s court today.

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