May 1, 2009

On The Road To Oblivion

Why are whites, who've been targeted and victimized because of their ethnicity, not counted as "victims of hate crimes"? Why are the national crime statistics hidden by the media? Why are the cases of utterly barbaric non-white on white crime kept out of the press? It's pretty obvious that we've come to the point where ethnic interests are colliding beyond reconciliation. The constantly reinforced victim mentality of non-white interlopers has created an environment which is hostile to and is causing the genocide and displacement of a distinct and sovereign people, Whites.

The conditions this Marxist-Leninist ideology of 'blame the White man' have imposed are both violent and tyrannical. The oppression of any people is something to be called out, shouted down, and fiercely challenged. In this case it is the Whites who are being oppressed. Why should any people have to live subject to constant denigration, and degradation? All people deserve the right to rule themselves, and now, in all White countries this is the kind of sociopathic mentality we must put up with, or in some cases face the penalty of imprisonment.

Equal treatment under the law is the right of all citizen, yet today there is vastly unequal treatment when it comes to the law depending on one's race. Protected classes, affirmative action, and the constant anti-white propaganda in the media, schools and politics has caused a great festering evil to take root in our once free Nation. The evil must be rooted out before this cancer metastasizes and the great healthy body of our republic forever trots down the road to oblivion.

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