May 1, 2009

SA:The dark side of black people

The dark side of black people

April 28th, 2009

By Mike Smith

The article below was written by a Black journalist from the Jamaica Star in 2005 after hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans. This Journalist, Leighton Levy shamed himself for his own Black brothers and raised a few interesting points. One that stands out is that if poverty causes crime, why could none of the poor Whites from Biloxi, or other towns be seen looting?

The Liberals said that the Black people were looting out of desperation…no food, etc…But they were NOT looting food, they were looting everything from Nike shoes and diapers to plasma TV’s

In a tragedy that destroyed about 90% of all homes in New Orleans, including White’s homes…were only Blacks desperate? Were Whites not equally desperate…yet you saw no White looters.

In South Africa we often here this nonsense that poverty causes crime and Black people are desperate. Crime has nothing to do with poverty and another thing…Blacks in South Africa are not poor, they are not starving and they are not desperate…look at the picture accompanying this post…does these Black women look hungry and starving to you?

Why then is the crime so high in South Africa? Why is the crime in South Africa and the world almost completely unilateral? Crime rates and prison populations clearly show that Blacks are the vast majority of criminals. Are Blacks predisposed and wired to be criminals? Is criminality part of their genetical make up? If it is proven to be so and if we finally draw that conclusion, what shall we do about this problem then?

Should be change the genetics of Blacks and remove that criminal gene? Is it ethical…? Should we just kill them all off and get rid of them that way? Will that be ethical? Or shall we just separate ourselves from them? They on their own and we by ourselves….Can you see why we had APARTHEID….

Us Whites from South Africa know Blacks. We have lived alongside them for centuries. We understand Kaffirs and accept them for what they are, but we never see them as our equal. We know that they are criminal and violent by nature…that is why we separated our neighbourhoods from theirs…For that we were vilified and crucified. We were made out to be the skunks of the world, the racist scum that suppressed Blacks, yet we had very good reasons for it. Just look at the violent and criminal acts committed against White South Africans by Blacks in the “New”, “Improved”, South Africa and tell me who are the real RACISTS here.

Apartheid was a natural necessity in a country the rest of the world never understood. But the World is changing and it is changing fast. What was done to us Whites in South Africa is fast approaching other countries and soon they will start feeling this need for separation just like we did. Apartheid will still be introduced in major liberal countries such as the Netherlands, Germany, etc…Just wait and see. One day they will understand what we went through.

The dark side of black people

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