June 27, 2008

AIPAC pleased to suck more blood from US taxpayers

Pro-Israel lobby in the US welcomes a move taken by the Congress to allocate 170 million dollars to increase the Israeli security.

The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) welcomed the act, saying it would increase US aid to Israel to 2.55 billion dollars in fiscal year 2009, up from 2.38 billion dollars this year.

"The US commitment to maintaining Israel's qualitative military edge is the cornerstone of American policy in the region," AIPAC said in a statement on Friday.

The statement added that this year's package holds a significance for US security interests, as the US and Israel are concerned over Iran's nuclear program as well as growing resistance in Gaza and northern Lebanon.

The surge in the aid dedicated to the Zionist regime comes as part of Washington's new 10-year 30-billion-dollar defense aid commitment to the regime.

The legislation gained final approval in a 92-6 Senate vote late Thursday.


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