June 11, 2008

35 Articles of Impeachment Introduced Against Bush

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Volksgeist said...

Kucinich supports the gay community 100%, saying that he has never disagreed with them on anything.

Kucinich supports gays adopting children.

Kucinich thinks that affirmative action is a very positive thing and must be preserved.

Kucinich opposes the death penalty.

Kucinich blames the government failure on hurricane katrina to be a result of racism.

Kucinich wants to ban all semi-automatic guns.

Kucinich has said that he wants Spanish to be the 2nd official language of America in order to make illegals feel more welcome.

Kucinich has successfully defeated bills declaring English to be America's official language.

Kucinich opposes sending illegals home.

Kucinich supports the rights of illegals.

All of these points make me want to throw my my lunch, but I must say he is an honest man. A man which I believe does actually take his office seriously. Anyone who stands up and calls out the criminals who have compromised our freedom, sovereignty, and very lives, has my support. It's just too bad that 1 out of the 2 honest men in congress is a card carrying marxist!