May 8, 2008

DNC Superdelegate Puts His Vote Up For Sale

Steven Ybarra Wants $20 Million For His Vote

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (CBS13) ― In this tight battle for the democratic nomination we've heard a lot about the candidates courting super-delegates.

But, one superdelegate is courting the candidates. He says he'll sell his vote for a price. A very high price: $20 million.

I guess the best interest of the American people and the glorious traditions of our Republic aren't as important as educating illegal alien mexicans. What a waste of human space, but would you expect anything else out of the Marxist left? Years of anti-American/anti-White propaganda and minority entitlement programs have brought us to our knees. With every candidate looking for the black vote, or the mexican vote, where do the White Americans fit in? The people like myself who's ancestors built this country. The White American's who's loyalty lies with their native home, America.

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