May 18, 2008


Please read carefully and realize what is going on here!Please tell the world what's happening by letting everyone you know about it.


On the day of the 6th May, 2008, at approximately 1300 hours, I was visited by three men at our farm, the Chigwell Extension Farm.

They told me that I had two minutes to vacate my property. Otherwise, they would send the mob there, and the house is not worth sacrificing my life for because we would lose our lives. They said they were like hungry lions.

My wife made a report to the Chegutu Police Station about this incident, naming the people involved. At that stage, I asked them if they would react to any incident that may occur, and they informed my wife that they would speak to the Assistant Inspector. My wife also saw him before making the report and informed him of the visit, and he told her to go and make a report at the charge office.

At about 1700 hours on the same day, a white Datsun 1800 pickup arrived at the gate with approximately 10-12 people. They demanded that I open the gate because they wanted to talk to me. I refused and went into the house with my wife. We locked ourselves into the house. They came to the house and wanted me to go outside to speak to them, which I refused to do. They started smashing windows, and the front door was smashed open. One of them pointed a single barrel shotgun inside the house at us. We were, by then, upstairs. He fired a shot directly at us, which went just over my head and close to my wife's head.

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