May 31, 2008 Browser based Virtual Desktop Developed in Israel/Palestine

I'm glad to see this is possible, even with political sanctions.

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Anonymous said...

Gotta say the key 'romantic' aspect of this article [( btw- you should try service, its free and very cool) use either bjc's handle or mine so we can get an extra gig of memory( mine is ]
but the poignant part that stands out from this greatly written article about what most would think is 'impossible' is...this...

When permits cannot be arranged but meetings in person are necessary, colleagues gather at a rundown coffee shop on a desert road frequented by camels and Bedouin shepherds near Jericho, an area legally open to both sides.

I have been to this said location just recently in March when i was Israel. My Dad and I met one of his palestinian friends there for cofee, he lives in Ramallah/West Bank.

I hope that more then anything this article will illustrate that there is 'Hope' ( Tikvah- in Hebrew) for the current Road to peace! but even despite the hardships some try to make it happen ( peaceful dual state relations) Not an easy feat for but one to be admired and respected, my hat to them!

-Guy Gottlieb -