January 6, 2009

UK Immigrant Yasmin Alibhai-Brown Wishes Genocide of Whites

The journalist and broadcaster, Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, who arrived here from Uganda in 1972, was on the board of the Runnymede Trust when the report was released.

This is how one high profile immigrant expresses her gratitude to those who gave her sanctuary:

"There is an underlying assumption that says white is right. There is a white panic every time one part of their world seems to be passing over to anyone else. But it's foolish to panic about it. So what if we do become a majority? What difference does it make? The empire strikes back really.

There was this extraordinary assumption that white people could go and destroy peoples and it would have no consequence. It astounds me."

"The making and remaking of any nation is not an easy task, and you need real guts and conviction to press on with it. This country has never appreciated the extraordinary contributions of immigrants... the need to make a new social contract between all the citizens and the state so that we know what we stand for".

"Hundreds of thousands of true sons and daughters of this great nation stormed into London to sound off about how deprived they are and how they feel victims of prejudice so bad that, according to the Prince of Wales, they are even worse off than blacks and gays. How intolerable! My heart breaks at the thought of those poor, flushed apple cheeks of country Brits as they watch us blacks and those queers overtaking them in the gallop to privilege...

Oh I hear you yelping all right... Are those who object to my thinking absolutely sure that the Countryside Alliance really would like multiracial Britain to invade its pure little village? Would they welcome a beautiful temple or mosque to stand with the small church spires if a substantial number of us did manage to sneak in by cheating estate agents?... Most shameful of all have been the recent outbursts over asylum centres in countryside locations."

"Bit by bit, the very essence of Britishness is being transformed... I will... spend my life helping to make a more inclusive and dynamic new nation, instead of making do with the decaying remnants of a long gone past."

"Xenophobia and imperial arrogance lurk inside most white Britons".

"Until the people of this country can apologise for their imperial past, none of us can move on".

"Jack Straw... has said something that one can almost agree with... On GMTV last Sunday, Mr Straw asserted that much of the disgraceful behaviour of English hooligans abroad came out of a distorted sense of patriotism bound up with the 'baggage of empire'."

"Once, I'd have applauded anybody who publicly humiliated the English. Now, I feel more disquiet than wicked delight".

"The numbers of refugees coming to Britain has been going down substantially since 1997." (As of 2005, during the previous six years, Britain had taken in an average of 157,000 known immigrants every year. This does not include around 350,000 foreign "students" or the illegal immigrants that we don't know about)

"We must never underestimate the power of racism and xenophobia to influence resentful whites left behind in this bright, new, zappy digital age."

And yet, the lady can admit to this:

"Rightly or wrongly quite a lot of us (Asian women) believe that in order to fulfil our lives it just won't be possible if we marry an Asian man who however egalitarian before marriage very often becomes extremely sexist afterwards... More and more black and Asian and Chinese people will be marrying whites and each other.

There is no stopping this, it seems to me."

After this acknowledgement of the merit of "whites", she goes on to say:

"I hope it makes this country become more comfortable with its hybridity as a national characteristic."

In other words: "Bring on the melting-pot, sister. Let's get those Anglo-Saxon coils shuffled off!"

And then there was this:

"If I were a white pensioner living on a street in Bradford where Asian men, braggarts and brawlers, pimps and dealers, had taken over, of course I would reach out for the meanest part of me and hate the whole lot of them.

The endless stories of Albanian and Turkish warring gangs; of black men and gun crimes; of hideously deformed mullahs who think they have the right to incite, in the house of God, young Muslim men to hate; and Algerians accused of making poisons and killing policemen, have created a new anger and hostility to our presence across British society".

Finally, during the 4th of June, 2006, edition of Dateline London, Gavin Essler posed this question:

"What's wrong with white guys, by the way?"

To which Alibhai-Brown replied:

"I don't like them. I want them to be the lost species in 100 years".

The Brit-loathing Asian immigrant is pictured below alongside one of her books which features a black Queen on the front cover.

Alibhai-Brown was awarded an MBE in 2001 "for services to journalism".

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