April 9, 2008

The Tradgedy of Rhodesia

There was once a great country called Rhodesia. It's farms were responsible for feeding millions. In Rhodesia, these farms produced so much food that they had a huge surplus, and the country was known as "the bread basket of Africa".

Rhodesia, now called Zimbabwe went thought an ethnic cleansing period. The communist backed dictator Robert Mugabe and his "revolutionaries", took farms, land, and property from the White colonists and left slaughter and misery in it's wake. Today Zimbabwe is in ruins. Inflation is out of control and in the last few months the government has had to issue higher denominations of their currency three times, the newest of which is the 50,000,000 note. The people of Zimbabwe are starving, and the farms sit unused, overgrown and in severe disrepair. Murder, rape, and armed robbery are the order of the day.

You may ask yourself what does this have to do with Zimbabwe today. Well you see in Zimbabwe, the dictator Robert Mugabe, has been voted out of office, but he is not leaving. His solution to starvation, and out of control violence and inflation is to take more farms from the White Rhodesians who stuck out the horrors. Strong , honest, hard working men and women who have suffered greatly, while the world stays silent. Because they are White people in Africa, the world ignores their plight. Well not this White man.

I now am going to post an email I was forwarded from one of these men, who at this very moment is fighting off the barbaric hordes of Mugabe.

Well never thought I would have to do this email do not know if it may be
my last from our farm "Chidza".

At 3.30pm today a lorry load of so called Mugabe brain washed "war-vets"
arrived at our gate to take over our land, equipment and pedigree cattle.
This crazy action is occurring in a country where there is very little food
being produced !
It is now 6 pm and they have been singing their war songs at our gate for
three hours, the atmosphere is violent and more and more of them have
We managed to get our daughter Alison and her young son "Little John"
into town and for now it is just John and myself, plus our dogs remaining
in the house on the farm.
They have said that our labour will not work tomorrow . They have demanded
that John must kill them a sheep, which John has flatly refused to do, so
no doubt they will simply kill one for
None of our paid labour will even attempt to come to work tomorrow either!
Graham Richards who lives south of us is also under siege at the same time
as us, so this siege of the last remaining whites is an orchestrated plan.
The Goddards and Deidricks are in the same boat. They have already taken
over Pa-Nyanda Guest Lodge, and Graham and his wife Callie are now in
Alison is at John sisters in Masvingo town and her husband Carl is
expected back from Bulawayo tonight.
Please pass this email on to as many folk as you would like to , this
illegal action must become "known" thru out the world .
If you know of anyone in the Media, please ensure that they become aware
/are alerted to this evil tyrant's actions to keep power at all costs.
We have to let the world know what is happening.
Well done to Zesa. As they load shedded us and I phoned my friend in the
Zesa Faults and he phoned Harare and they have switched us back on.
So for now please keep all of us in your prayers and we will send a follow
up tomorrow if we are able.
Our love to you all.

This is by no means a unique story or situation, but it is happening right now, today. The world protests for Tibet(and with good reason, I stand with Tibet as well) and the slaughter of Whites in Africa continues, unnoticed and unopposed. White people in Rhodesia and South Africa are in a crisis. What were once safe, productive lands are now wastelands of murder and oppression. South Africa alone, is now the rape and murder capital of the world. The realities of which are so horrible it would make the bloodiest hollywood movie seem tame.

If you care about these people, I ask you to help. The first thing that can be done is to bring about awareness of the situation. Please contact the Associated Press at 1-212-621-1500 and ask that they cover this story. Contact any other news rooms and papers you can think of. Contacting your congressmen would also be a good start. The squeaky wheel gets the grease, so get squeaking!

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