April 17, 2008

Hate filled woman falsely sparks FLDS raid .

COLORADO SPRINGS – A woman arrested in Colorado Springs may be the same person who prompted a raid at a religious compound in western Texas.


Anonymous said...

Hate filled or not.If this woman is the one that called she is a blessing in disguise.I have lived in Southern Utah and Northern Arizona, literally just miles away from Colorado City and Hilldale,Near the home of this sect.

This whole region is controlled by the rapist and mollester Warren Jeff's.This is no joke folks.This man and his family have been mollesting young woman and children for years.They murder those that get in their way.They just disappear.And they will make slaves out of their followers.Yes folk's this is going on now in America.

You have to understand that they have been preparing for this seige and have all the women and children brainwashed to say what they want them to say.It's a dangerous sadistic cult.

In Colorado City The police first follow their religeous law then the law of the state.It is a corrupt and crooked crime that is being committed everyday in this part of Utah and Arizona.They are robbing our state welfare systems and taking advantage of loop holes in the law that is why they have so many children.

All I can say is GOD BLESS TEXAS!!
Utah and Arizona and Nevada shame on you for looking the other way all these years.

dayvo said...

I'm amazed at all of the people who take the word of the media and praise this raid. Remember Richard Reid and how the media portrayed him for the terrorist act of planting a bomb at the Atlanta Olympics? Turns out he didn't do it at all. Check out he innocents project and take note of all the "criminals" who were exonerated from DNA.

This story has been a witch hunt from the beginning. If any of these people are child molesters then they should have been investigated one at a time. To handle them on-mass is akin to any of us being categorically judged along with our neighbors, church members or friends. What happened in Texas sounds like a good idea to some people until they end up on the other end of the raid. History will show (again) that this was a horrific example of what happens when the government ignores the law and acts on prejudice. In the end, many of the people involved in this will end up losing their jobs and elected offices.

Anonymous said...

They could not be interviewed one at a time.Texas had to do it this way.If they were to be interviewed one at a time then evidence would of been hidden or destroyed and victims or witnesses would disappear.

This Mormon Cult sect knows all the tricks and loopholes.Their leader Warren Jeffs has been convicted of fascilitating a childs rape.This sort of thing is common practice with this mormon cult.In their home area of Colorado City and St George Utah and Mesquite NV they are like a crime syndicate that controls everything.Don't take my word for it go see for yourself.In Mesquite NV the Mormon church own,s and operates all the casino's.They have the front men like The crooked Randy Black,Tom Green and Red family yet they are just front puppets for the Mormon church.This is a evil organisation that needs to be dismantled.They have destroyed enough lives.It is time for it all to end.