September 25, 2008

JPMorgan Chase May Acquire Washington Mutual After FDIC Seizure

Once again the Central bankers are consolidating and stealing our wealth. Just as Napoleon fell at Waterloo and the Rothschields caused the London stock market to collapse by spreading the word that Napoleon had won, and then went in and bought up everything for dirt cheap when panic set in. Just as the Oligarchs in Russia, 8 men, owned the entire country. Just as in our great depression, we are bing duped out of our money, of our land, and of our birthright.

Sept. 25 (Bloomberg) -- Washington Mutual Inc. may be seized by regulators later today and parts sold to JPMorgan Chase & Co. in what will rank among the biggest banking failures in U.S. history.

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. plans to take control of Seattle-based WaMu, the biggest U.S. savings and loan, according to the CNBC television network, and New York-based JPMorgan will buy deposits and branches, the Wall Street Journal said, without citing any sources. The FDIC insurance fund is not expected to contribute any money, the Journal said.

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