July 1, 2008

South Africa's crime epidemic - 30 June 2008

Liberals and self hating apologists, do you think this little girl would thank you for repealing Apartheid? How about the thousands of others just like her? How about all of the Afrikaners killed on their farms, raped, mutilated and consumed by violent savages? They were once kept "apart" for good reason, but know it all communist indoctrinated do-gooders knew better, they ended the evil ways of apartheid from behind their gated communities and rejoiced while the slaughter got under way. Look at this sweet young girl and blame only yourselves. There is no irrational logic circular enough for you to ignore the reality of what has been wrought upon the White people of Africa. South Africa, Rhodesia, the Congo, the genocide of the Arabs in Zanzibar the list can go on and on. South Africa during Apartheid vs. South Africa Post-Apartheid, which one was safe and productive? Here is a hint, during apartheid, Johannesburg was one of the safest cities in the world, now it is the murder capital of the world.

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