March 17, 2008


So, does anyone have any comments on JP buying Bears for 10% of the value? Is something shady going on? Anyone have any time to give a background on the main players for JP?

I think I'm gonna move all of my 401k funds to the preservation trust. I am nearly -10% for the year!

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Volksgeist said...

J.P Morgan was Baron Rothschild's American crony. He was one of the founders of the CFR. I could go on but you will think this is all some conspiracy theory nonsense. I think that that we are in very, very, serious trouble. I knew it was coming, and coming this year but things are advancing so much faster than I imagined. Read the article I posted from Btw you are lucky you've only lost 10% this year, most people are doing a lot worse. Invest in commodities. Wheat, gold, silver etc. Fiat currency offers no protection, and promises disaster.