February 23, 2009

Thinking About A New Party

Because logical reality has broken away from anticipated reality...sooner than later a new party will emerge from the Republican's neoconservative cabal.

by Frank Roman

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When AG Eric Holder recently told his staff at the Justice Department that America is a nation of cowards for not talking more about race, and for America not being racially inclusive enough he was talking to, and about, white Americans. After all, the solar system's first black AG was speaking on behalf of the universes first black president, two cosmic events that have bestowed unlimited long sought power for the black population in the United States. This is to say Holder was also speaking on behalf of empowered blacks about the white population and you can be sure there were countless embarrassed white people who agreed when they heard this drivel.

If you doubt me consider this: when was the last time in the last 60 years you've heard about or seen a major media network or political party flatly demand that blacks be less racist, less intolerant, and more inclusive of whites at the risk of being exposed to legal, social and political punishments? Except for only the most extreme cases which we can count on one hand, there haven't been many.

Therefore, we can be sure that Holder's outlook is not only his own, it is also the attitude of the universes' first black president and, just as significantly and more dangerously, the federal government. Holder therefore has thrown down the gauntlet: white Americans have still not relinquished enough embarrassment or capital to soothe the inflated outrage of black history. I guess those millions of trendy white Obama voters didn't cut it.

And then there was the recent demonstration of black supremacism -- presented as diarrhea of the mouth -- courtesy of Dr. Mike Dyson of Georgetown University as he “debated” Pat Buchanan over AG Holder's coward remark. Exhibiting the typical traits of a noisy proponent of white anti black collusion, Dyson babbled endlessly in his defense of Eric Holder’s audacious anti-white supremacy, barely allowing Mr. Buchanan to get a word in edge wise. To Mr. Buchanan’s credit however, when he did manage to find enough oxygen that Dyson hadn’t stolen he talked about black crime rates, black illegitimacy rates, and black ungratefulness for having been born in America instead of Africa. He pointed out their ungratefulness for affirmative action, civil rights, set asides, and the non-stop promotion of white embarrassment over slavery in news and entertainment. Of course, Dyson would have none of it and blamed whitey for all black shortcomings as he overcompensated for his people’s historical lack of group responsibility, basing his overcooked babbling monologue on a false justification for Holder’s "coward" remarks.

So how do we counteract this kind of anti European American poison? Well, don’t look to the Republican Party as it presents itself in 2009 for an organized full frontal assault against any kind of anti white hate. Like something far more dangerous than Frankenstein’s monster it is a stitched up, Lupus infected shambling monstrosity wandering in the night as it tries to find a place to fit in. And like Frankenstein’s atrocity it will in due course feign an easygoing nature only to frighten or even kill the next hospitable being it comes across because that’s all it knows how to do. Metaphors aside, like we said on 16 Feb.,the Republicans were infiltrated by so-called neo-conservatives who are nothing more than hard-core Red Diaper Baby communists and egalitarians with a propensity for going along to get along. They maintain the facade of conservatism but that’s all; having long ago becoming addicted to the praise lavished upon them by enemies in the media and big dollars from wealthy cabals when they compromised real-world principles in favor of leftist deliriums. But most of all, the former conservatives-now- neoconservatives were compromised by the terrible power of unlimited taxpayer’s money and a strong helping of politically correct indoctrination to garnish their bottomless troughs. In other words an anti traditional media and its corporate globalist sponsors created the problem by demonizing their time-honored positions and then created the solution by hypocritically sucking up when they toed the Marxist line.

Of course, none of this has changed with the election of Michael Steele, the black hyper-neocon who shares the same ethnic compassion as Eric Holder and Mike Dyson, and who now heads up the RNC. You know, the same Marxist mouthpiece who threatened his party members with loss of their seats if they don’t dig down and pander for more non-white votes. Sadly, the majority of white Americans who believe nationalism means the freedom to drool over full shelves at Walmart after they received a portion of the income taxes they’ve paid all year will end up supporting this politically correct shill. In fact we couldn’t ask for a more obvious manifestation of me-too-ism by the current crop of fake conservatives than the appearance of Mike the shaft Steele who was officially animated in order to prove the anti white inclusiveness of the Republican Party. They are assuming all of you pale skinned voters out there will forever and a day be there come hell or high water, and most likely many of you will in order to feel more tolerant about yourselves. As clearly evidenced by any real opposition to Eric Holder and Mike Dyson’s rants today’s neoconservatives are more dangerous than a thousand mouth frothing, mustached feminist liberal journalists. They are truly, a Trojan horse, sent secretly by our enemies to co-opt what are the fundamentals of growing, positive sentiment toward racial and national preservation of the European American people. From the 1960’s to the present, neoconservative Republicans have engaged in nothing less than a full frontal assault on middle class America; our traditions and way of life which were born at this nation’s origin and became utterly disregarded by them and their bosses in the press.**

Any viewpoint that challenges the malignant status quo of these corporate hacks is simply not allowed. As employees in the charge of the cabal who control the government and media, the mainstream “conservatives” are nothing more than paid cheerleaders for the anti-white establishment. In fact try calling into Shaun Hannity, Mark Levin, Laura Ingram or Rush Limbaugh’s radio programs and express your views concerning the demographic loss of European Americans by the year 2043 and its negative impact on your nation. Let us know how that works out for you.

In fact let me just tell you how that will go. You will find them, like most neoconservatives and their counterparts in the Democratic Party, to be viciously ‘anti racist’ except when it comes to non-white interests, and would never dare oppose the funding of non-white pressure groups. They condone miscegenation. They insinuate every culture civilization and race on the face of the planet is all equal. They actually believe that if millions of squalid Mexicans have the right paperwork and learn rudimentary English they will become Americans equivalent to the European explorers, inventers and patriots who built America. They ultimately condone homosexuality, pornography and money-making vapidity under the crimson rubric of liberty. They will say since free trade is good for corporate America well then it must be good for the rest of us; that consuming is the epitome of ‘freedom’ and must be defended unto death if need be. If all the Republicans can serve us up is a heaping helping of steaming leftist excrement such as Michael Steele's positions on NAFTA, GATT, gun control, Affirmative Action and other issues; it's time to stick a fork in them: they're done. And again, Michael Steele supports these nation killing hateful objectives. As opposed to today, the core philosophy that guided Republicans, white Republicans, for generations was NOT political expediency like simply winning elections. They used to understand that there were rights and wrongs; implicitly and even explicitly supporting the European-American fabric of the United States, at least until the rot set in. Now they are no different than the babbling leftists we pointed out to you today.
Because logical reality has broken away from anticipated reality it is my firm belief, sooner than later a new party will emerge from the Republican neoconservative cabal, complete with all of the assets and personnel we will need to take back what rightfully belongs to our people.

Of course, it may not happen without your help. In other words [Do not] suffer yourselves to be wheeled out of your liberty [to publish] by any pretenses of politeness, delicacy or decency. These, as they are so often used, are but three different names for hypocrisy, chicanery and cowardice. --John Adams. If you refuse to lend a hand then we may not have the opportunity to not only guarantee the advancement and longevity of our people as well as our nation, we also may not see the likes of Barack Obama, Eric Holder, Michael Dyson, Michael Steele, and all of their allies, entered in to a docket to face trial.

Thanks for listening.

**What more proof do we need to demonstrate the complete lack of usefulness of neoconservatives than by illustrating the identical Marxist conditions --we allegedly have fought wars against-- under which our people are now coerced into accepting.

1. Abolition of private property
2. Heavy progressive income tax
3. Abolition of all rights of inheritance
4. Confiscation of property of all emigrants and rebels
5. Central Bank
6. Government control of Communications & Transportation
7. Government ownership of factories and agriculture
8. Government control of labor
9. Corporate farms, regional planning
10. Government control of education

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