October 12, 2008

REDUX: Hello White man

Your capacity to feel empathy has been replaced by the ability to be easily offended.

By Frank Roman**

Audio Version

We’ve seen you around. We’ve seen you driving your new SUV with the made-in-China "Support Our Troops" ribbon proudly displayed on the rear window. We’ve seen you out and about wearing your favorite team jersey as you get around the shopping mall for the twentieth time seeking that one shiny trifle that will make your consumer-driven life more fulfilling. We’ve heard you babbling into your cell phone about matters that can only be described as inconsequential to your reluctant audience nearby. We've also heard your telephone calls to the neocon talk radio shows; how you admire our troops who face death and dismemberment in Iraq so Shiites and Sunnis can vote; how you think George Bush walks on water because of his mere pittance of a so-called tax cut a couple of years ago. We’ve seen you in the movie theaters being entertained by yet another Hollywood created black hero dispatching the evil white villains. We’ve seen you at work discard the front page of the newspaper by ignoring even the slanted editorials and going straight for the brainless sports page. We’ve heard you importantly regurgitate the latest idiot box disinformation to your co-workers, knowing full well you have no real clue as to what you saw and heard. We’ve heard you pay lip service to affirmative action slogans as you slip a few dollars to some African relief fund, knowing full well that you live in an all-white neighborhood.

But I know you have not yet approached the shadow of your own hypocrisy.

**Yes, we know the posting of news items of late has been on the slow side, and for that we apologize to our loyal readership. The BoD and a number of editors have been engaged in an organizational function that portends well for not only EAU but our members as well. Thanks for being so patient!!

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