October 4, 2008

Shadow Play

Better late than never.

By Frank Roman

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If you haven’t already listened to fellow board member and friend John Young’s newest podcast entitled The Endless Bailout I strongly advise that you do. If you’re like me the recent national economic tempest can be rather confusing --and more than a little abstract-- in terms of money-making policy, cause and effect, and even short term versus long term consequences. In fact, although we’ve already posted numerous accounts of this story, there is still so much information in nearly every aspect of the so-called mortgage crisis --and the federal bailout via the taxpayer’s money-- of lending institutions, it’s almost crucial for an untrained layman to listen to The Endless Bailout. It puts everything pertaining to the federal government, banking and consumer behavior into perspective, and straightens out the labyrinth of double-talk into fluid easy to understand documentation.

Things certainly do look bad right now in the financial quarters of our once great nation. The omnipresent 24 hour news cycle, coupled with an agonizingly long presidential election, has enveloped everything, at least in my world, in a straitjacket of droning opinion and analysis from media mavens who work for outrageous salaries in addition to ratings for their commercial laden, opinion shaping networks. From Keith Olberman to Sean Hannity I’m sick of all of them. But there is good news out there today--very good news. The upside is that it portends yet another manifestation of a kind of initiative in people of European descent. The downside is that the story I’m talking about originated overseas, not in the United States, so don’t look for it to share the front page of any Americans newspaper anytime soon. Be that as it may however, this story is not confusing or as technical as the current meltdown on Wall Street because it’s something either a pallid physicist or a suntanned bricklayer can easily comprehend -- wherever they may live.

The September 27th issue of The Guardian, the UK’s (United Kingdom) most liberal bedwetting newspaper carried the following headline: Multicultural ideal 'terrible' for UK – Tories. (In case you don’t know the Tories are the British version of our neoconservative Republicans.) It seems that the shadow home secretary, Dominic Grieve, was issuing a warning, the same kind of warning that many of our listeners and supporters of EAU and other sensible organizations have been saying for decades. Allow me to read a few portions of The Guardian report.

“But Grieve today ventures into the sensitive subject of multiculturalism in some of the strongest remarks by a Tory in recent times. He tells the Guardian: "We've actually done something terrible to ourselves in Britain. In the name of trying to prepare people for some new multicultural society we've encouraged people, particularly the sort of long-term inhabitants, to say 'well your cultural background isn't really very important'." He adds: "In this vacuum the BNP rises and Hizb ut-Tahrir rises. They're two very similar phenomena of people who are experiencing a form of cultural despair about themselves, their identity. And it's terribly easy to latch on to confrontational and aggressive variants of their cultural background as being the only way to sort of reassure themselves that they can survive and have an identity." The shadow home secretary said multiculturalism was inspired by the "understandable" desire to make people feel comfortable. But he added: "The idea behind it was [to] create the melting pot. But the melting pot needs the ingredients of people's confidence in themselves as they come together. And if it isn't there I think we've done ourselves huge damage."

Of course, Mr. Grieve is implying that was it not for differing races having that pesky inclination toward something akin to Nature-programmed self realization, why there is no reason at all that enforced multiculturalism should not work. And too, chances are good that shadow home secretary Dominic Grieve would sooner allow Muslims to realize their full racial identity --in Britain where else?-- rather than indigenous white Britons, at least according to the vast majority of British politicians and bureaucrats like former Prime Minister Tony Blair, whom we have featured here at Western Voices World News, BNP haters one and all, in every single one of their impudent glory. Mr. Grieve continues:

“‘He also raises fears that "fundamental Islam" is restricting debate. He says: "Our country has adapted because people have been tolerant which has often required a lot of forbearance and acceptance of things they didn't like. We all have to accept things we don't like. That is how Britain has evolved. When I go and address an Islamic audience I always point this out."

Ah yes, that fine old moniker -- tolerance. Government enforced tolerance in a multicultural colony, I think we can say with certainty the Muslim population that is overtaking the island of our British cousins could care less how adamantly Mr. Grieve tells them that it required a lot of forbearance and acceptance of things the British people didn't like, such as the escalation of Muslim crime, gang rapes, and death threats in the political arena. And then there’s the prosecution and jailing of politically incorrect white dissidents who publicly decry what the institutional Marxists have done to Britain. I would hardly call that evolution, though. De-evolution certainly, but categorically not evolution.

The Guardian piece continues:

“An Anglican, Grieve praises the contribution all the major religions have made to Britain. But he says that people should not forget Britain's Christian heritage. He says:"The role of Christianity is really rather important. It can't just be magicked out of the script. It colours many of the fundamental viewpoints of British people, including many who've never been in a church."

Well isn’t that remarkable. Maybe the loss of exquisitely British standards and religion --with the embrace of all things degenerate-- have led to indigenous British youth who would rather worship at the feet of the drug addled, anti-racist pervert known as Peter Doughtery rather than heed the lessons of common sense-- including political and historical examples. Maybe the loss of exquisitely British standards and their religion --by way of the politically correct stifling of debate Mr. Grieve’s colleagues have allowed for decades-- is what have turned the once mighty Anglican Church into a virtual burial chamber and her parishioners into scattered, shambling ghosts of a once mighty people.

Now, I didn’t tell you what shadow minister Grieve said in the very first paragraph of his interview with The Guardian. He said: “Multiculturalism in the UK has left a "terrible" legacy, creating a vacuum that has been filled by extremists from across the political spectrum.” By way of ambivalence I think Mr. Grieve is really saying the current British oligarchy is not far from having their rear ends handed to them by more and more people who are taking a second look at the British National Party, are taking a second look at the policies that have led to their current situation, if not taking a second look their own history by reappraising their British identity. You know -- extremists. I like to think the shadow minister may have to find a shadow to hide in because he senses those who are sick unto death over what the impudent lawmakers and socialist nabobs have done to the United Kingdom is reaching a boiling point. Of course whenever you hear a political functionary use the term “extremist” he is more often than not talking about white people – advocates and activists of all stripes who have sworn to do what must be done to raise the consciousness of their brethren to the oncoming demographic sand storm. And Muslims are not extremists, they are simply misunderstood; isn’t that right Mr. Grieve? To hold close foreign cultures at the expense of your own is not only extremist in every sense of the word, it is intellectual suicide which leads to genocide of the host population, isn’t that right Mr. Grieve?

Overall, I found this piece to be very encouraging for what we here at European Americans United and many of the UK’s people know to be true. In fact I’m surprised it ever went to print. Maybe the Marxists over at The Guardian bunker felt they could damage the co-called “conservatives” by smearing them with a few high profile candid remarks Grieve made in a candid fit of contrition or absolution for what he has allowed to happen to his kinsmen. In fact we have to wonder how long and to what depth shadow home secretary Grieve has been nursing these thoughts, yet remained silent. That possibility alone tells us he is acquiring much he will have to account for. Soon. But no matter. The perception of certainty in every responsible white man and woman, who stand against those elements on different levels in the current system(s) that is marginalizing our people, is growing. Thanks to the World Wide Web this confession --of sorts-- has been transmitted all over the planet and could not have come at a better time.

Better late than never is what I say, Mr. Grieve.

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