October 13, 2008

A random article thats been floating around.

One which I just so happen to agree with 100%

(Ras Note):: This will be the final Rasipedia, for several reasons:

1. Because after this weekend, there will be nothing left to update (Please see why below)


2. Given that somehow my anonymous little rants on an obscure chatboard have leaked out into the broader Internet/blogosphere and yesterday's missive garnerd approximately thirteen thousand page views, a paranoid, reclusive Rasputin is impelled to fear the Jackbooted thugs will be showing up at his door any minute now to drag me off for being "non-patriotic" and carefully documenting the (mostly failed so far) efforts of the world's governments and central banks to revive the collapsed world's economy.

So, with that in mind, I offer you this one, simple update.

Then, that's it.

Update #14 to Rasipedia: The final insult.

1. Well, they have finally done it. The world's governments and central bankers have pulled out all stops, taken off the gloves, put on the brass knuckles, pulled out the chockos and are now trying to pummel the epic, global, systemic financial collapse into submission with, literally:

Infinite Fiat

That's right. Infinite Fiat will now be employed by TPTB to attempt to revive the moribund credit system.

The Federal Reserve, acting in concert with virtually all other central banks worldwide, announced this morning that they will lend--without limit--to the failed financial gamblers, literally infinite fiat.

The world's governments have simultaneously announced that they will be nationalizing all banks and financial institutions.


So, after these two moves, there is literally nothing left to report.

There is NO option beyond Infinite Fiat and nationalization of the entire world's banks and financial systems.

Therefore, my work is done here.

You're on your own now.

(Final Ras Note: Firstly, we had it drilled into our little heads all our lives that "Free Market Capitalism is the Path to Prosperity". Now, we come to find out that in fact, ONLY a socialist/fascist model is what really works--as is being demonstrated now due to the ten-percent-across-the-board jump in equity indices all over the world upon the announcement of Infinite Fiat and mass nationalization of the entire planet's banks and financial system.

Therefore, I don't want to hear any politician, economist, pundit, stock shill, or MSM media type ever again state that Capitalism is anything but a dismal, abject, failure.

Secondly, perhaps one hundred years from now these Rasipedias will pop up in some musty archive, to be referenced by some student in some small college who is looking for precedents to THAT generation's bubble and bust.)

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