October 12, 2008

Posse Comitatus

Posse Comitatus

Black's Law Dictionary defines "posse comitatus" as "the power or force of the country... the entire population of a county above the age of fifteen, which a sheriff may summon to his assistance in certain cases as to aid him in keeping the peace, in pursuing and arresting felons, etc." [Note: it says sheriff, not president.]

In short, military and local police actions don't mix. ... The historical sense of the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 was to limit the use of federal troops to police elections in former Confederate states. In other words, Congress blocked the Executive Branch from using troops under its control from having any influence on national elections. This should make perfect sense to any American.

Simply put, there are no non-nefarious reasons for changing this law. Any attempt to change it can only be viewed as a blatant power-grab in order to further consolidate federal power.
Chuck Baldwin discusses Posse Comitatus and writes that Bush did change Posse Comitatus by executive order. RedTeam members, those of you who still believe in "conservative" big government and still think Ron Paul, Chuck Baldwin, and Alex Jones are kooks, please refute this if you can.

Here is a low-budget video warning of U.S. troops being used on American soil to quell unrest.

So, are we really being prepared for a dictatorship? Sure seems like it. Aber, wer weiƟ? The MSM, to include "conservative" talk radio, will not discuss anything serious or important truthfully. I'd like to believe that all this is just hyperbole designed to "wake people up" to the potential for abuse, but so far the "alarmists" and "conspiracy nuts" have been more accurate than the MSM. I do know that the RedTeam-BlueTeam cheerleaders are liars and fools, and that if anything is going to change for the better, We The People are going to have to take control and do it ourselves.

One more reminder: The same people that Bush has surrounded himself with (neo-cons - "ex" Trotskyites and Israelis) are of the same tribe that financed, organized, and led the Bolshevik Revolution and set up and ran the security apparatus of the Soviet Union. And the Federal Reserve. Don't say you weren't warned.

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