October 2, 2008

Political Thieves vs. the People

What a sight the crooked Reid, Dodd, et al. were tonight, blabbing about their great public service in passing a porkathon bailout bill. Were their pockets stuffed with cash, or was that just my imagination? We only got 25 votes, and the cabal may succeed in the House too, though the calls and emails by the millions continue. (Joe Klein of Time "blames" it all on libertarians as the heart of the resistance, and darn right.) Even if the House succumbs to the bribes and bludgeons, we have won a great victory. Never in my lifetime has the correctness of libertarian class analysis (see Hoppe) been so clear. There are two classes in society, thanks to the state: the hosts and the parasites, the taxpayers and the tax-eaters. As the Fed's Depression is deepened and widened by the president and congress, to the benefit of the power elite, popular anger is rising. We have much work to do, to teach the truths of free markets, sound money, and sound banking; to stimulate the inevitable tax revolts, as in the 1930s; and to promote decentralization and secession. If we can turn up the heat, the regime will not survive its Depression intact. Rothbard, thou shouldst be living at this hour.

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