October 9, 2008

Obama's friend 'Bill Ayers forced me to have sex' with black roomate

Posted: October 08, 2008
11:40 pm Eastern

JERUSALEM – Speaking out as William Ayers becomes an increasingly controversial figure in the presidential campaign, a woman charges the former Weather Underground radical locked her in his attic apartment when both were college students and intimidated her into having sex with his brother and his black roommate.

The woman, Donna Ron, told WND Ayers declared to her during the 1965 incident at the University of Michigan that if she didn't sleep with his roommate, it would mean she was a bigot and a racist.

"I was terrified. People underestimate terrorism by psychological intimidation. I felt like I was being held prisoner," recalled Ron, an American who now resides in Israel.

Ron told WND the alleged incident occurred during her freshmen year at the university, where she became attracted to anti-war activism. She had been friends with Ayers for about two months. Ayers later earned a bachelor's degree from Michigan.

Ron says she supports Sen. Barack Obama and hopes her charges don't affect his bid for the White House. She's involved in a socialist kibbutz movement in Israel.

Ayers did not return a WND request for comment.


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Orion said...

Haha so a degenerate white freak forced a jewess to have sex with a silverback. That's too much.