October 8, 2008

More Holocau$t shenanigans

The once Wiesenthal acclaimed story of Mischa Defonseca, has been proven to be false. Although given the gripping realism and plausibility of her story, it is easy to see why it was believed. Let's see just what that story is.

BOSTON — It was a shock to Misha Defonseca's readers this year when she admitted that the best-selling story of her tortured childhood during the Holocaust was false, but her U.S. publisher saw it as an opportunity to undo a stinging, 7-year-old court judgment.

Jane Daniel says she never would have been ordered to pay Defonseca and her ghost writer $32.4 million over her handling of profits from "Misha: A Memoire of the Holocaust Years" had the jury known the book was filled with lies.

Defonseca never lived with wolves to escape the Nazis, never killed a German soldier in self-defense(at 7 years old), never walked 3,000 miles across Europe in search of her parents. Contrary to the book's claims, Defonseca admitted in February that she isn't even Jewish.


If you think that this story is fantastic, you should read the others. Especially the eye witness accounts used at N├╝rnberg. Remeber though, each tale is miraculous and not to be questioned. Magic pebbles, dogs with poison teeth, tunneling 600 feet through solid rock with silverware, living in the receptacle of an outhouse. In these miraculous tales the laws of nature and science are suspended and logic and reason can't disprove the miracles of the Tales of the Holocaust.

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