October 3, 2008

A Letter from a Jewish professor in Israel to an American pundit

The masthead of Daat Emet an anti-Jewish supremacist website in Israel. The following letter was forwarded to us by a Jewish professor in Israel who supports the work of Daat Emet, an Israeli Jewish website that dares to expose Jewish extremism. Even though we at Davidduke.com can’t agree with all the professor wrote, the letter is an amazing response to an American pundit named James Gill, who writes for the New Orleans’ Times-Picayune, one of the Jewish Newhouse Chain that relentlessly attacked David Duke from the earliest days of his political rise. In a recent column, James Gill stated flippantly that David Duke “has blossomed into a full-fledged Nazi.” Such is typical of untrue hate and lies heaped upon a man who dares to simply stand up against Jewish extremism. Here is the letter.

What is the biggest danger in America, David Duke or Jewish Extremism?

Dear Mr. Gill,

I have always read with amusement and interest your columns. You have had a knack of exposing and laying bare corruption.

Yet, as a Jew who has read a great deal of what David Duke writes, I beg to disagree with you about him.

You said David Duke blossomed into a full-fledged Nazi. What? Does he wear swastikas, does he praise Hitler, does he support totalitarian governmental systems, does he support genocide? If Duke is full-fledged Nazi what are those who call themselves Nazis, who defend Hitler, who openly want Nazi rule? You really sound like those McCarthyites who screamed communist at every turn.

In fact, I have read critical remarks made by David Duke about Hitler, never read a line of praise for Hitler from him, and it seems his political persuasion is far more Libertarian than Nazi.

Yes, he is an advocate, unabashedly so of European Americans. Funny, how in an America composed overwhelmingly of European Americans, to advocate for the interests or perceived interests of European Americans is proof of racism and Nazism, but for Jews to do so in AIPAC or a myriad of powerful organizations like the AJC, is considered laudable. It’s not that Jewish interests need such protection, for they seem to wield considerable power in America. They are ultimately the ones who write out your paycheck in one of the most powerful media chains in America. And they have both candidates for president and almost the entire Congress genuflecting before them like teen girls at a coming out party.

As David Duke and many loyal Jews such as on the DAAT EMET website, there are many Jewish extremists, supremacists if you will who wield considerable power both in Israel and in America. Chabad Lubavitch openly proclaims that all Gentiles have “satanic souls,” are not truly men and that the entire purpose of Gentiles on earth is to “serve Jews.” Are they criticized by you or anyone in the mainstream press? No, they are invited to hold private parties in the White House. One of their leaders proclaimed that if a Jew was sick it would be perfectly moral to simply kill a Gentile and take his liver. That is directly from the largest Jewish newspaper in the United States, the Jewish Press. Where is your scathing pen about these racists and perhaps much worse, for what do you call advocates of murder?. I couldn’t imagine David Duke ever saying such a thing. Chabad Lubavitch is right here in New Orleans, I know a few of them. When have you criticized these Jewish Nazis? And Chabad is not just some powerless group like the hapless Duke crowd, some of their rabbis give the prayer at cabinet meetings, and they have teach-ins at the White House because there are so many fellow Jewish extremists working there!

Why is it that the media supports Israel that does not allow a legal marriage between a Jew and Gentile, that the media says nothing about the fact that most major Jewish organizations have open campaigns among Jews not to intermarry, yet any European American who is opposed to intermarriage is demonized, and no mainstream European American organization would even dream of such a stance.

I could go on an on. There are goodly percentage of Jews like me, who don’t like Jewish extremism any more than you and I don’t like White extremism. Most of us though are bludgeoned into silence by pundits like you that suggest anyone critical of Jewish extremism, such as David Duke is really a Nazi who wants to exterminate us all or at minimum an anti-Semite.

The extremists among our community control us just as they control your community. Do you really think the Iraq War was one for oil or “American Imperialism.” Is that Richard Perle and Paul Wolfowitz and the NY Times and Washington Post and Newhouse Chain are “American Imperialists?” I read an article by David Duke, actually a professor now in Europe with a bona-fide doctorate he earned at the largest university in Ukraine and accredited by the U.N., that showed from the U.S. Campaign records that the biggest contributor to Obama was Goldman - Sachs, who also contributed to John McCain. Three out of four of his top contributors were from NY financial intuitions with a powerful Jewish presence. Among the top 40 contributors to Obama and McCain. (20 each) I could not find one oil company. When Palin was announced on the scene the first thing she had to do was go before and genuflect to AIPAC and swear undying fealty to Israel and whatever endless wars Israel wants. No oil company or oil lobby visited her in those first hours after she was the apparent nominee.

I don’t quite understand your stance, Mr. Gill. I always thought you were British. Could it be that you have some Jewish blood, for why don’t you expose the Jewish extremists and why do you continue to attack the only man, already marginalized on the American scene, that even dares to criticize these Jewish extremists who are leading us to disaster in almost every sphere. If you have Jewish blood, I ask you to do as I have and look beyond that blood and look to what is right. As a Jew I believe that I show true love to my people by opposing the extremists among us that pose such a danger to our own community, to America and to the world at large. Fellow university professors of mine at Daat Emet in Israel, know the truth about Jewish extremism. How can it be that you don’t?

You don’t have to answer me, but perhaps you will think a little bit about what I say, maybe you will go DAAT EMET and find out about what I am talking about. Maybe you will read Walt and Mearsheimer, or maybe, God Forbid you might even read David Duke, although I don’t share his views on racial differences, he is absolutely right when he says the Jewish extremists are the most toxic racists on the planet, and because of their power they are the most dangerous.

I know that if you did answer me you would be fearful that any politically incorrect thing your write could be taken from the correspondence and used to ruin you, as you know that any real criticism of Jewish extremism in America means a media termination slip.

So, no need for you to answer.

But, hopefully you will read this. Hopefully, you will think deeply about this whole issue before you write again on any of these issues or David Duke. I understand that he is of British descent. He is the only American I know of that has the gonads to stand up to these extremists who hate him. How can you not know, Mr. Gill, if you are a Gentile, that they hate you and your heritage just as much as they hate David Duke.

Here is a link to DAAT EMET in Israel. Read it and learn. As you read it, imagine the reaction if David Duke said anything as remotely racist and evil against non-Europeans as the living Jewish Law, called the Halachah says about you and your heritage.


Sincerely Yours,

Dr. XXX XXXXX (name witheld by request)
a former New Orleanian visiting family here before returning to my home in Israel

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