October 9, 2008

LaRouche: Paulson Rushes Forward into the New Dark Age of the Fourteenth Century

October 8, 2008 (LPAC)--Lyndon LaRouche called this morning's coordinated rate cut, "a new form of insanity. It's a clear sign of panic, but it's also a formula for hyperinflation. And it's a psychological formula for hyperinflation, as you see in the German case. This is 1923, this time on a global scale. That's what we should call it more and more; our people should say this is simply that, instead of wasting our time with long-winded perorations, which are doctrinal things, rather than simply getting to the point."

On today's trillion-dollar bailout of eight British banks, LaRouche said, "The British are having fun; back to their roots in the time of Edward III; they're going back to their roots, their Fourteenth Century roots. British economists return to Fourteenth Century roots, in the New Dark Age of the Fourteenth Century.

"The only thing we can say about this," he continued "which really sums it up, is that some people have a zeal to return to the middle of the Fourteenth Century. There's no other way to describe it accurately."


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Anonymous said...

There is about 1 interesting point caught in a bunch of gibberish.

Don't be fooled. Lyndon LaRouche is a meglomaniacal cult leader. He feeds off of people listening to his senial rants.

If you wish to learn more go to www.factnet.org.